– Credit Card Activation – Shop your way (syw) is a reward program offering millions of products, advices and personalised services. Shop your way is a shopping program and  over this program retail partners and service providers member can shop for products ,can do comparison between two products or thing to know which one is better ,purchase different items and can also get reward or points for this and further these points or reward can be used during future shopping.

After the activation of shop your way card people can get exclusive prices, discounts, and shop your way points and not only this they can also get access to celebrity brands and can enjoy various events. Not only this, the members of this card can make their friends over this can also get assistance from professionals while choosing the products that meet your as well as their necessity.

It is a platform where users can not only use this app for shopping but the users can also uncover the new products, and can also find great deals, and discounts on the product of their choice and will be rewarded for everything they purchase. With the help of this platform the users can earn shop your way points on every single product items they purchase from this platform and after purchasing every single product they will be rewarded with some shop your way points and then they can use these points for future shopping. 

You can also wish list your favourite products and save them for later so that you can buy them so other time. And this wish list will help you to buy more products just like the one you have already saved.

If you are a shopaholic and love to use new products, want discount on every product you buy and also want to get rewarded for every single product you buy then shop you way is a platform for you. is a site designed especially for shop your way cardholder with aim to help the members in activation of their card easily and smoothly.

Shop your way is a platform for loyal customers of Sears and Kmart. So, if you are a regular costumer of Sear and Kmart then garb this card as soon as possible. But if belong to the group of people who have already got their card but you need to activate card before availing the, if you want to know how to activate the card then you are reading the right this article you will get to know the benefits of activation of shop your way card and this article will also tell you how to activate your card.

You can get many benefits from shop your way card some of them are:-

  • The benefit of shop your way card is that it adds no annual fee. As this benefit removes the burden and make these cards very easy for pocket use.
  • Members of shop your way card can get up to 5% shop your way points on a single payment at gas station. So one that spends a lot at gas stations that are made for you.
  • People who are foodie your grocery and restaurant bill can get up to 3% shop your way points.
  • Members can get up to 2% points on the purchases at stores of only   Sear and Kmart
  • All the members of shop your way can win up to 1% shop your way points on all other kinds of purchases.
  • And those who spend 50$ or more for buying products within the first 30 days after your card gets activated then those people will  get a chance to earn $40 credit from shop your way.

But the activation of your card is mandatory to enjoy cash backs offers. So, if you are facing any problem during the activation of your card or you don’t know how to activate you shop your way card follow the demonstrated steps given below:-

Activation of shop your way card by

  • Open the official website using the browser.
  • The first step you need to do is enter your card detail i.e. Card number on the specific blanks, now on the next column or blank you have to enter your name, 
  • Then enter the security code which has been already provided to you.
  • At last you should fill the last four digit of your Social Security Number where ever asked.
  • Once you are done with the filling up of the entire blank columns click on the verify button for further activation process. 
  • Make sure that the information you fill should match the information given the card

Once you have completed this process your account will be activated soon and notification for this will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Activation of shop your way via phone:

Activation of shop your way card can be done by phone all you need to do is just call on this given number 1-877-816-9063. The moment you will make a call a person or a representative from the other side will instruct or will help you in the activation process of your shop your way card. Just listen and follow the guidelines and also provide the details asked from you and once you provide all the information that has been asked by the person it will take about 2-3 hours and your card will get activated. You will get the notification on the activation of your shop your way card but by the time wait and be patient.

With these steps you can easily activate your shop your way card and you will be able to grab many discounts, cash backs, rewards and shop your way points after every purchases. So, if  you don’t have shop your way card then what are you waiting for go get your shop your way card and follow these steps for activation of your card otherwise you will miss these great deals which are offered by only shop your way.  

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