– Get 5% – Take Shop Your Way Activate :- Citibank is offering a credit card by the name of Shop Your Way Card® which we will discuss in this article. But before moving further, let’s look at credit cards and how it’s spending limit is decided.

Nowadays, Credit cards are more like a necessity than a status symbol. Your credit card limit completely depends on your debt to income ratio or simply the credit score. It means the higher the debt to income ratio, the lower your credit card’s spending limit. However, these processes vary from company to company, but it always includes the consumer’s credit score.

What is Shop Your Way Mastercard

Previously this card was known as Sear Mastercard but now popular as a Shop Your Way MasterCard. This card receives as much as 5% back as points for Gas purchases and up to 3% back as points for dining in restaurants and grocery purchases. But the one thing to keep in mind is that you can earn all these reward points only at Sears or Kmart stores and, in some cases, on their websites. So, if you aren’t a regular buyer at Sears or Kmart, then this card isn’t of much use for you. While this card offers good savings at Sears or Kmart stores, you can also use the earned points to buy other things from their network of stores. So, if you are a big buyer at these stores, this card will save you most on daily use items like grocery and Gas. Now, let’s have a brief look at the Pros and cons of the Shop Your Way Mastercard

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Pros of Having a Shop Your Way Mastercard

  • Very encouraging rewards for the purchase of daily use items.
  • Regular Bonuses for Purchasing at Partner stores and restaurants.

Cons of Having a Shop Your Way Mastercard

  • Earnings through rewards are capped.
  • Reward points are time-limited.
  • Limited options for the use of reward points.

Pros Explained

  • Very encouraging rewards for the purchase of daily use items

→ The card is highly rewarding when it comes to daily purchases at specified stores and their partner stores.

  • You will get a Regular Bonus for Purchasing at Partner stores and restaurants.

→ The card Shop Your Way comes with a free membership rewards program that lets you collect points at Kmart, Sears, or their partner websites. Apart from that, after signing up for the card, when you link your account with your card, you can also get an additional percentage of cashback from the partner stores and restaurants. It serves as a cherry on the cake and rewards you generously.

  • You don’t have to pay a single penny as an Annual fee.

→ Almost all credit cards charge an annual fee, but this card has nothing like that. So, you can use this card without worrying about such a thing.

Cons Explained

  • Earnings through rewards are capped.

→ While you don’t have to worry about the annual charges, the one important thing which requires your attention is rewards are not unlimited in each category. The 5% return in terms of points on Gas and 3% on groceries and dining is limited to the first $10000 in combined spending in those specific categories every year. However, rewards don’t stop after reaching the $10,000 mark, but the rate dips to 1%.

  • Reward points are time-limited.
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→ While there is no time limit in some other cards, you use the reward points, but MasterCard rewards points are validity-based. You must use your reward points within 12 months. Otherwise, it gets expired.

  • Limited options for the use of reward points.

→ In some other rewards cards, you can redeem your reward points on anything from travel to cashback and gift cards, merchandise, and even can get statement credit in return. Shop Your Way Mastercard offers only one way to redeem your rewards points, i.e., in the form of merchandise and that from the brands sold by Sears and Kmart. So, if you are looking for flexibility in spending your rewards points, you will be disappointed here.

In our review, this card is best for

  • If you are a reward strategist means looking to maximize your rewards points for spending in every category.
  • You prefer to dine out.
  • If you are responsible for the purchase of groceries of your household.
  • If you are a regular commuter and drives out regularly.

The reward points completely depend on how frequently you shop and charge your daily spending. You can save a decent amount of money if you fit in any of the categories mentioned above.

The one time offer at Shop Your Way Mastercard

The card offers a one-time offer, but it is structured slightly differently than any other card. While in other cards, you must spend a minimum amount to get a set amount of points. Here, You can earn $40 of a statement credit on this card by spending $50 within 30 days of signing up for the account. It is also noteworthy; this offer is for a limited period. And it is only applicable to new customers who go for the card online.

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Reward details

Whenever you use this card, you will earn a percentage of your spending as the rewards point. According to your spending, there are four different types of reward categories

  • You will get 5% of your spending on Gas.
  • The 3% category will apply to the grocery and restaurants.
  • You will earn 2% back of all your shopping at Sears and Kmart.
  • Apart from that, you will be receiving 1% back on all other spendings.

However, you need to remember that 5% and 3% back categories are limited and capped to the first $10,000 spending combined. Once you reach this limit, you will be restricted to 1% back points until the start of next year.

Above that, most of the 5% and 3% back points apply to specific stores; for example, if you shop from superstores and warehouses, you will be earning 1% back reward points.

That’s all for now; if you have any questions, please ask us in the comment box.

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