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www.chick-fil-a.com – Chick Fil A launches a calendar card every year and this card comes with its own set of benefits. This Chick Fil A Calendar Card is full of free items for the cardholder. The calendar will cost you about $8, however, the cost may vary very slightly every year according to the things added in the calendar.

Activating Chick Fil A Calendar Card


The best thing about this card is the fact that you will see a new food item and beverage being added to the free food item of the month. In order to get your free food item, all you have to do is show your Chick Fil A Calendar Card at the checkout counter. With this card, you will also get a treat in the form of ice cream or cookies from Chick Fil A.

As soon as you receive your Chick Fil A Calendar Card, you would want to activate it so that you can use it. The activation process is pretty simple and you can complete it from the comfort of sitting at home. Only after the Chick Fil A Calendar Card activation will you be able to swipe your card at the counter and find the best deals as well as save more.

With Chick Fil A Card activation, you will reap benefits like bonuses, gift offers by the restaurant, cashback, and a good amount of discount. In order to activate your Chick Fil A Calendar Card, all you need to do is follow the steps that have been mentioned below.

Card Activation

The activation process of Chick Fil A Calendar Card is the easiest and all you need is a stable internet connection along with a PC, laptop, or smartphone. You will need your personal details and certain card details in order to complete the activation process. All the steps related to your Chick Fil A Calendar Card have been listed below.

1.You need to visit the official website to reach the activation portal of Chick Fil A Calendar Card.
2.A set of instructions will appear on the screen. Read the information carefully in order to proceed with the card activation procedure.
3.There will be a 6-digit PIN and a 14-digit card number at the back of your Chick Fil A Calendar Card. Enter these carefully.
4.Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, your card will be activated in a short while and you can finally make use of it. You will get a notification about the same as well.

Your Chick Fil A One account will also be created as soon as you activate your calendar card. The process to activate your card is a pretty simple one and the chances of you facing any trouble while completing the procedure are slim. However, if you do come across any issue, dial 1-888-232-1521. This is the toll-free number and you will reach the customer care service. Ask the representative on the other side of the call to help you with your issue.

What to do if the card gets lost?

There can be unexpected times when your card gets lost or stolen. Do not panic in such a situation and contact the customer care service immediately. You will have to provide your card details and explain your problem. The representative at the other side of the call will make sure to resolve your query and get your card blocked immediately. This will protect you from any kind of fraud.

Once your old Chick Fil A Calendar Card has been blocked, you can apply for a new one. You will receive the card in a short duration and you are all set to use it. However, at times you won’t be able to reach the customer care service in one try. This is because the representatives handle innumerable queries and the lines are busy. You need to be calm in such a situation and try again after a while. You will soon be connected and your grievances resolved.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is activate your Chick Fil A Calendar Card as soon as you receive it. All the benefits that come with this card can be used only after the activation is done. If you properly follow the activation steps mentioned above, you will surely be able to activate your card within minutes.

Being a regular customer and not owning this card is simply foolish. The free food items listed on this card worth way more than $8, which is the tentative cost of this card, and thus, it pays for itself in a short time. Even the application procedure is hassle-free. Chick Fil customer care service wants full client satisfaction and hence, the representatives will help you in whichever way possible. Whenever you feel you are stuck somewhere and need assistance just pick your phone and call on the toll-free number without any hesitation.

All in all, the Chick Fil A Calendar Card is best suited for you if you are a regular customer at this eating joint. It will allow you to make use of so many amazing offers and you can also benefit from some discount.

However, if you haven’t yet applied for this card, you can easily do so by visiting your nearest Chick Fil or even through the online platform. You will have to give in certain details and you will soon receive your card.

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Q1) How can I activate my Chick Fil A Calendar Card?

A1) You can activate your card by using the online platform. Once you provide your personal and card details, your card will be activated.

Q2) Where can I use Chick Fil A Calendar Card?

A2) You can use your Chick Fil A Calendar Card at Chick Fil A stores to get discounts and free food items.

Q3) How can I contact the customer care service of Chick Fil A?

A3) You need to dial 1-888-232-1521 in order to reach the customer care service of Chick Fil A.

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