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ACTIVATING SOLEPAY CARD: Using the SolePay Card, it will be possible for you to make payments in both, offline and online manner. You will get amazing cashback and discounts whenever you purchase something with the help of this card. SolePay card does not involve any sort of foreign transaction charge or annual charges. It offers customer care service round the clock and you will get full security with a legitimate fraud protection policy.



Activation of your SolePay Card is another important thing that you will have to keep in mind before you start using this card. There are two different procedures to activate your SolePay Card and both can be completed in a hassle-free way. Below are the things that you will have to keep in mind once you start activating your card.

  • In case you are choosing to activate your card using the online platform, make sure you have a device handy on which you can open the browser and also a good internet connection.
  • You will have to keep your SolePay Card handy since you will have to refer to it for some information during the card activation journey.
  • You will need to know your card details and personal details since all this is asked during activation. Your card will not be activated without giving all the verification details.

Once you are ready with all the above-mentioned details, you can read the article further to know more about the steps leading to your SolePay Card activation.

Online Activation

Your SolePay Card can be activated easily if you make use of the online mode of activation. The different steps used to complete the activation of your card with the help of this procedure have been given below. Go through each step properly.

1.The most important yet the most basic step is to reach the official website and start with the activation of your SolePay Card.

2.Once you select the option “Activate My Card”, you will reach a new page.

3.Here, you will have to enter certain details like the number of your SolePay Card, the card’s expiry date, and the CVV number.

4.An enrollment form will be opened where you will have to put your personal details along with your social security number.

5.Go through all the details carefully and make sure you haven’t missed out on anything. You can now enter “Submit”.

6.Your SolePay Card will be activated instantly and ready to make all sorts of transactions.


Activation via Phone

Just in case you are having trouble with activating your SolePay Card online, you can resort to the other method of card activation. Follow the steps given below to activate your card by phone.

1.Pick up your phone and dial 888-895-6016. You will be able to reach the customer care service of SolePay Card.

2.Once you are connected, follow the instruction given through the auto prompt audio Of ACTIVATING SOLEPAY CARD.

3.You will have to choose the option to get your SolePay Card activated.

4.Now, carefully provide your card details. Keep all the information handy in order to save time.

5.The customer care officer will ask you for certain contact details. Answer to him/her properly.

6.Once you have given all the information and it has been verified, your SolePay Card will be activated instantly. 

Application procedure Of ACTIVATING SOLEPAY CARD

The application procedure for SolePay Card hardly requires a lot of your time. A very easy way for you to do so is by visiting the official website and navigating for the option leading to the application process. Once you are redirected to a page, you will have to start filling out a form. Fill this form with your card details and financial details as well. Your application form will be reviewed later and once accepted, you will get your SolePay Card within a few business days.


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Therefore, SolePay Card is a good option for anyone. The process for its activation is pretty simple to follow and can be done by anyone. As long as you follow the given steps correctly, you are likely to know to face any sort of issue. However, if you find yourself stuck, try making use of the other procedure. If you still can’t get the hang of it, you can contact the customer care service and request the representative to help you out with the process. The customer care service is available 24*7 for your assistance and you can call them anytime.

Another very important thing for you to take care of is to never share your card details with anyone whatsoever. Sharing of details can cause financial fraud and no one wants that. In the event of losing your SolePay Card, contact the customer care officer and tell him/her to block your card as soon as possible. This will keep your money safe. You can later apply for a new SolePay Card which you will receive within a few days. You might have to activate your new card in a similar fashion and then start using it. The application procedure for the SolePay Card is simple too. You just have to be at least 18 years old and employed by any US-based corporate. Once your application form has been verified, you will get your card via mail. The fraud protection policy will always keep your money safe with SolePay Card.

Q1) What is the eligibility age to get SolePay Card?

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A1) You will have to be at least 18 years old and employed by any US corporate in order to be eligible for SolePay Card.

Q2) Is it very important to activate SolePay Card?

A2) Yes, it is extremely important for you to activate your SolePay Card. This card will not be of any use to you unless and until you don’t activate it.

Q3) Which all methods are available to activate SolePay Card?

A3) You can use 3 ways to activate your SolePay Card. Go on the official website or activate your card through your phone. All the available options are easy to follow.

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