Error Code 2000-0142 – Diagnostics error 2000:0142 (Hard Disk failed)

The Error Code 2000-0142 is the type of error which means that the system software could not successfully read and get all information from the hard drive.

The Corrupted data or MBR that is Master Boot Record is on the hard disk, because of this the device gets to crash. In Error Code 2000-0142 the device failure is in the type of technical errors or issues with hard disk drive.

Error Code 2000-0142 – Diagnostics Error

The error code 2000-0146 is mainly located with the Dell laptops and desktops. The Error Code 2000-0142 defines that the issues regarding the hard disk drive read and write.

Error Code 2000-0142 - Diagnostics error 2000:0142 (Hard Disk failed)

The Error Code 2000-0142 is can affect the normal working and performance of users system and the information with data stored on the hard disk drive. So that is why it is important to fix and solve the error code 0146 to avoid the risk of the permanent data loss of user’s data and information.

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Causes of Error Code

There are some reasons that you got the Error Code. The reasons are when the user loses the SATA connection cables and the MBR is corrupted as well as some bad sectors are available on the hard disk drive.

When your hard disk drive is dying or getting corrupt, then you will get errors like Error Code 2000-0142 that is constant data corruption as well as freezing when you try to take to replica or saved the data and it takes more starting times of systems, and constant repairing screens during boot.

You can get the Error Code 2000-0142 because of some mechanical damage and overheating of the fan and it includes the broker leader head as well as the broken spindles also. These are the common reasons for Error Code 2000-0142.

How to Fix the Error Code 2000-0142?

There are some methods, with the help of that you can fix and solve the Error Code 2000-0142. The first method is you need to perform a disk checking with the help of command prompt using a disk of windows installation.

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In that, you need to put the windows 7 disc for installing the OS on the disc drives and then go to the system process. After that click on the f8 key to start the booting process of the system, then select the language, time and then press on the next button.

After that click on repair your computer option and select the operating system that you need to repair and press next button. After then open the command prompts, and types the Chkdsk/f/r and fix the corrupted data.

The other methods are also used to solve and fix the Error Code 2000-0142 that is with the help of reinstalling windows and you can also replace your hard disk drive, the other is slave the erroneous hard disk as well as try to recover the data in the form of backup.

With the help of these methods, you can easily solve the errors related to the Error Code 2000-0142.

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With the help of this information, you can easily solve the errors of hard disk drives and get the knowledge of the reasons for Error Code 2000-0142.

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