How To Fix Error Code 2137-8056 – [ Complete Guideline ]

Error Code 2137-8056: All You Want to Know About Nintendo Switch Error Code 2137-8056 If you want to access the Nintendo Switch eShop right away, you’ve changes receiving Error Code 2137-8056.

Fix Error Code 2137-8056

Fix Error Code 2137-8056

This particular error code you will usually receive while the Nintendo Switch Server Maintenance is underway. How to fix Nintendo Switch Online Code Error 2137-8056? Continue reading to explore some of the best solutions.

Nintendo Switch Server Maintenance Times || Switch Servers Down

If you just cannot wait for that big Smash Bros Update, you must stay calm and maintain patient. This specific server maintenance usually acquires atleast some maximum hours to complete. Luckily, Nintendo shows Network Status Page that users can check to examine when you can expect service to be restored.

This widely-accepted server status page shows general information about the console’s present network outrages and also offers users the scoop on individual games. Hence, you can expect Smash Bros Servers to be back online at the earliest.

What’s Nintendo Switch Error Code 2137-8056?

This error code is intermittent, which is accompanied with an error message reading –

“Unable To Communicate With The Server”

This popular code error problem appears with every attempt to open online games or the Nintendo Switch Store. And so, many users often reported getting the same sorts of code errors and want to explore the solutions. There are numerous potential culprits responsible for showing off Error Code 2137-8056, which are –

  • Console Fireware Is Outdated: One of the main reasons showing up this error code is Nintendo Switch Console with an updated software version. In such circumstances, you can easily resolve this issue by allowing your Nintendo Switch Console to get updated to the latest version.
  • Nintendo Servers Are Down: This specific code error may occur because of an unexpected power outage or scheduled maintenance of the Nintendo Servers in your area. If this situation is applicable, this problem is beyond your control and the only solution available is to wait until the issue is completed resolved.
  • Wrongly Assigned Dynamic IP: In case your internet service provider is assigning dynamic IPs, chances you will receive code errors simultaneously. Most affected users recently reported that this particular issue was resolved after continued a power cycling on individual networks.
  • Unstable Default DNS Addresses: If you are experiencing this particular code issue on and off, possible chances are the problem is being caused by your DNS addresses. If this situation is applicable, you can easily resolve the issue by making switching to Google DNS addresses.
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If you are currently struggling to resolve the same error code, continue reading this ongoing piece, which will provide you with several potential problem-solving steps. Hence, we’ve outlined some collection of methods, which other users with similar situations, efficiently resolved this problem.

What Are Easy Methods To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2137-8056?

Code Error 2137-8056 is quite popular nowadays, and so reported maximum users with similar issues. To get rid of code error, you need to continue with the below-listed methods, which include –

Method 1: Verify Status of Nintendo Switch Servers

If you’ve encountered this particular code error, you primarily need to verify the status of Nintendo Switch Servers. In most circumstances, you will receive this code error because Nintendo is in the middle of scheduled maintenance or you are mitigating an unknown outage period.

In any of these situations, users need to verify it this problem is afar your control with verification of the server status. To continue so, you need to open its official website and select your region from where you are attempting to use this service. Now, check the status of the Online Service Status. If all servers are normally operating, scroll down to Maintenance Information and check if you aren’t in the middle of the server maintenance period.

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In case Nintendo Switch servers are presently undergoing maintenance, wait sometime before attempting to repeat the action that was showing Error Code 2137-8056. If you’ve considered that the issue isn’t caused because of scheduled maintenance or any server issue, you need to choose the below-mentioned solutions for additional repairing strategies.

Method 2: Power Cycling of Your Home Network

Most affected users currently informed to manage several error codes with the power cycle on their connected network. This is verified to be mainly effective in instances where the ISP is assigning dynamic IPs.

Here’s a quick guide regarding steps to power cycle your individual network –

  • Unplug Your Power Cable From Both The Wireless Router and Modem, Make Sure You Have Completely Drain The Power To Your Router/ Modem,
  • Wait For Atleast 30 Seconds,
  • Plug-in The Power Cable Into Your Modem/ Router And Wait For Your Connection To Get Reestablished;

If you are still experiencing this specific issue after performing a power cycle to your network, move towards the next method.

Method 3: Make Sure Latest Updates of Nintendo Switch Fireware

If you are experiencing this code error while attempting to access the Nintendo Switch Store, you might possibly receive the error message because you aren’t using updated console firmware. Most affected users reported managing this specific code error with updating to the software version.

To update your system, you need to continue with the following steps –

  • Go To “Home” Menu of Nintendo Switch,
  • Choose “System Settings” Option,
  • Apply The Vertical Menu On The Left To Select “System Update” And Begin The System Process,
  • Now, Your Console Will Start By Performing A Check To Underline If A New System Update Is Available For Your Console If New Updates Are Found, Which Will Automatically Download And Get Installed,
  • After The Process Is Completed, You Need To Repeat The Action That’s Previously Triggering Nintendo Switch Error Code 2137-8056 And Check If This Problem Has Been Resolved;
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If the same error message still appears, you should move down to the next method.

Method 4: Use Google’s DNS Addresses

Here’s a quick guide to manually adjust the Nintendo Switch DNS Settings and use the address provided by Google, which includes –

  • Select “System Settings” From Home Menu of Nintendo Switch,
  • Go To Internet And Choose “Internet Settings” Option, After Doing This, Your Console Will Automatically Search For WiFi Signals,
  • Once You Find Out The List of Available Networks, Select Your From The List Categorized Under Registered Networks,
  • Click On “Change Settings” And Scroll Down To DNS Settings,
  • Adjust The Menu To Choose “Manual” In Order To Edit Options –
  • Under Primary DNS, Click And Hold “B” Button To Delete The Default Primary DNS, Then Include ad The Primary DNS And Press “A” To Save The Configuration,
  • Under Secondary DNS, Press And Hold “B” Button To Delete The Existing Secondary DNS; Now, Add ad The Secondary DNS And Press “A” Button To Save The Configuration,
  • Restart Your Nintendo Switch Console And Check If Code Error 2137-8056 Has Resolved;

If you are still unable to connect, which might indicate problems related to the network environment or implementation of a wireless router. In order to continue with a problem-solving possible issue related to the wireless router, get connected with the router’s manufacturer for assistance with performing the following steps –

  • Update Your Wireless Router’s Firmware,
  • Reset Your Router To Its Factory Default Settings,

In order to get more assistance with the console, please write to us in the below comment box.

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