How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater? – [ Complete Guide ]

Error Code Anteater: Error Code Anteater generally comes with Error Code Bee. If you are an enthusiastic player of Destiny 2, you must’ve encountered one or more gameplay errors. One of the common problems is code anteater errors. However, managing so many errors can be difficult because there are no exclusives fixes.

Error Code Anteater

Error Code Anteater

Have you ever encountered with Destiny 2 Errors? If “yes”, continue reading this article, which will guide you to fix Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater. If you are getting the same errors again and again, you must read out the entire content for effective solutions. That’s very significant to understand the meaning of code anteater error.

Ok! Let’s answer one of the much-searched questions over the internet –

What Is Error Code Anteater?

This kind of error appears to users when there are interruptions between client and host connections, which may cause due to situations outside of the network. In most cases, code anteater error appears alongside error code bee. There are no repairing options provided by the official forum, and so users need to solve the errors individually.

Destiny 2 is online multiplayer shooting gameplay developed by Bungie. This free-to-play video game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Window. However, many users recently reported that they got the code anteater error while playing Destiny 2.

Now, let us explain how to fix the errors by using the below-mentioned solutions.

Popular Solutions To Resolve Error Code Anteater

  • Change Your Internet Service Providers

There are uncountable solutions to get rid of the error for the short term. However, many users coming up with the error code, which got resolved just by switching to another service provider. That’s not so easy to switch the internet service provider as it involves termination charges, installation fees, and various terms and conditions as well. Hence, you need to look for faster internet services to resolve the error code issue.

  • Switch To Wired Network or LAN

In case you are using mobile data or WiFi to connect the internet for playing Destiny 2, you are highly recommended to use wired internet. Thus, users who’ve switched to LAN connection have reported that Error Code Anteater disappeared after changing the connection.

If you’ve LAN cable, then you are recommended to do vice-versa of the above method. This indicates you need to use wireless internet connection and evaluate whether your issue is solved or not. In case the error continues then you are recommended to try other mentioned methods.

  • Directly Connect Console To The WiFi Router

The particular code error or other errors can be resolved by just having the right internet connection with your console and gameplay. This problem can be resolved by directly connecting your console to the router and averting any other medium in between the connection. To straightaway connect with your console, you need to maintain the appended steps –

  • From The Router Settings Page, Proceed from Home > Toolbox > Firewall,
  • Create A New Firewall Level Within Your Router Settings (Name It Destiny 2),
  • From Router Settings Page, Proceed From Home > Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing And Configuring The Following Set Up –
  • Enable UPnP,
  • Disable “Extended Security”,
  • Disable Any “Assigned Games & Applications” Settings;

Clear Cache

One of the proven solutions to resolve the code error is cleaning the cache. This method cannot only resolute this specific code error but any other issue you might come across with the game. However, it is just for users of Xbox, so generally, people playing on PlayStation or Personal Computer can skip through this solution.

Ahead of proceeding with the clear cache, you must ensure that the game is synced online and you’ve backed-up the game as most of the data will be deleted from your local system memory – the Xbox Memory. There are several ways to delete the cache from the Xbox and Reset the memory. These are two common means –

Manual Reset 

  • Press The Power Button On Your Xbox Until The System Completely Powers Down,
  • Remove The Power Cord From Your Xbox Situated At The Back. Frequently Press And Hold The Power Button On Your Xbox To Consume The Power. This Helps To Clear The Cache And Format The Xbox Memory,
  • Now, Connect The Power Cord And Wait for Xbox To Switch On And Wait Until The White Light Turns Orange,
  • Finally, Turn You Xbox On And Open Destiny 2 To Check If You Still Having Error Code Anteater;

Resetting Cache through Settings

  • Navigate To Xbox Settings > Network > Advanced Settings,
  • Go To Alternate Mac Address To Select Clear Option,
  • Xbox Will Ask The User If They Want To Continue, Give Your Command As Affirmative And Xbox Will Restart Clearing The Cache. After You Have Completed, Open Destiny 2 To Check If You Still Facing The Code Error of Anteater;

Reboot Your PlayStation

There are no options to clear the cache in PlayStation, like that of the Xbox. However, resetting the PlayStation required performing similar functions. The users of PlayStation try this method to resolve the code error –

  • Completely Shut Down The PlayStation,
  • Eject The Power Cord From The Back And Allow The PlayStation Sit For Some Times Until All Processes Are Shut Down Completely,
  • Put Back The Power Cord To Its Position And Restart The PlayStation To Check If Error Code Anteater Reappears;


  • Update Your Internet Components And Devices

There are numerous errors encountered by gamers in Destiny 2 that occur due to bad internet connectivity, which are caused by poor components and devices used to connect the internet. In case you’ve not changed the internet cable and other network equipment within years, you need to consider immediate replacement. That’s very significant to replace or update your internet components and equipment at regular intervals.

Therefore, if your internet component is over one year old, you are recommended to consider its replacement or necessary updates. Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you fix the code errors at the easiest.

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