How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Guitar? – [ Complete Guideline ]

Error Code Guitar: Destiny 2 is popular for its irritating error codes indicating absolutely nothing. These code errors are extremely annoying, which is maybe the point.

Error Code Guitar

Error Code Guitar

Perhaps BUNGiE is attempting to make your smiles while you are raging about the fact you can’t play this gameplay. Today’s big problem for players is Error Code Guitar, but what you can do about it?

Error Code Guitar is a general networking error as per Bungie’s help page. There are so many players experiencing this error code, your best option is to go play something else over the internet. In case you are the only one getting this particular error, though, you may consider doing some troubleshooting on your part. How do you know if you are the only one getting the error code? You may attempt the checking BungieHelp on Twitter, or you may consider the DestintyTheGame subreddit and check what’s happening all around.

If the problem is on your part, consider checking other internet connections in your residence and check if you can get online. If you are playing on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, perhaps attempt other online video games, or check that those services are properly working. Should the problem persevere and if you are sure it is on your end, visit the Bungie Network Troubleshooting Guidelines for more assistance.

This particular error code shows up when there are plenty of items on the ground that aren’t picked up in an activity. The obvious solution is to make sure that these items are being collected from the ground in the activities where you are getting this error. The common items which might cause to this error or being left are –

  • Glimmer
  • Orbs of Light
  • Destination Material
  • Ammo (Special, Kinetic, Power)
  • Engrams (Legendary, Rare, Powerful)

This code error is a major problem during the final encounter of “Last Wish” as the server crashes showing the same error to all the players on it. The server gets crashed when encounter-specific leftover objects from the battle to reach a certain stop.

For some, the error code might appear again and again even after taking care of the above aspects. Solutions for such situations are as follows –

Solution 1: Restarting Destiny 2

The initial step you must attempt as simply restarting the gameplay can resolve the problem sometimes. However, restarting isn’t a sure shot solution but as it is the easiest, so it is worthy.

Here are steps for restarting this popular gameplay –

For PlayStation 4 User:

  • Click On The PlayStation Logo On The Controller To Pause Destiny 2, If You Are Still Playing The Game,
  • Select Destiny 2 From The Displayed Titles And Click On The “Options” Button To Stop Playing The Game,
  • Also, User Can Stop Playing The Game From In-Game Menu And Navigation To Options > Logout

For Xbox One User:

  • If Your Are Still Playing The Game, You Need To Pause It Using Xbox Logo Button The In The Game Controller,
  • Locate Destiny 2 That’s Position Below The Guide Panel In Right,
  • Choose The Gameplay To Click On “Start” Button And Choose To “Quit”
  • Restart The Game And Check If It Works Right;

Solution 2: Restart Your Console

This step is one of the best solutions for fixing almost all Xbox-related problems and error codes as well. This method is only applied to users while playing this popular gameplay in Xbox. Hence, you must ensure all of your games are synced online and backed up since this step may end up deleting them from your local memory. There are several methods to delete cache on Xbox One and reset your console completely, which include –

  • Click And Hold The Power Button At The Front Of Xbox Console Until It Completely Shuts Down,
  • Unplug The Power From The Back of Your Xbox,
  • Now, Plug-in The Power Back And Wait For The Light To Change Its Color From White To Orange,
  • Turn On The Xbox As You Would Do Normal And Check If Error Code Chicken Still Appears When You Have Again Started Destiny 2;

Alternative Option for Xbox One:

  • Navigate To “Settings” Option of Your Xbox One And Click On Network > Advanced Settings
  • Scroll Down To Alternate Mac Address Option And Select The “Clear” Button,

You Will Be Displayed With A Choice To Really Do This As Your Console Will Be Rebooted. Respond Affirmatively And Your Console Cache Should Be Cleared Now. Open Destiny 2 After Your Console Has Restarted And Check If The Error Code Still Appears In The Gameplay;

Solution 3: Clearing Steam Download Cache

If you are a steam user, removing the old download cache perform the similar way as removing the cache in your console. Hence, if you aren’t playing game on stream can surely skip this particular step. The simple steps to clear cache in steam are –

  • Click On Steam > Settings > Downloads
  • Select “Clear Download Cache” Button,
  • Click “Ok” To Confirm,

Once you’ve completed, you need to restart the game and examine if the error code still appears.

Solution 4: Hard Reset Your PlayStation

There is no option to clear the cache in PlayStation just like Xbox One. However, hard resetting the PlayStation 4 will perform the same activity. Therefore, resolve this particular code error is your PS4, continue will the below-mentioned steps –

  • Shut Down The PlayStation 4 Completely,
  • Eject The Power Cord From The Back And Allow The PS4 To Rest For Some Times Until All Processes Are Fully Shut Down,
  • Put Back The Power Cord To Its Place And Manually Start The PS4.
  • Now, Check Is The Code Error Still Appears While Playing Destiny 2;

Solution 5: Reinstalling Destiny 2

If none of the above-mentioned steps worked right in resolving the Destiny 2 Error Code Guitar, reinstalling the game will be your only option. That’s important to ascertain you are connected to the official server and the game’s progress is saved before reinstalling the game. This specific code error can be resolved by reinstalling because this error mainly appears out of corrupted files. Therefore, you need to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.

Let’s assume you’ve to resolve several code errors with the above-mentioned solutions. If your problem isn’t answered yet, you are advised to seek Bungie Twitter Help.

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