Best Methods To Fix Hulu Error Code 5003 – [ Complete Guideline ]

Hulu Error Code 5003 – Are you facing trouble with streaming Hulu? And just when you want your popular content to work right so you get crazy waiting in a crew or your residence. Therefore, we will guide you with most of your questions regarding error codes or messages.

Hulu Error Code 5003

Ahead of explaining one of the common error codes on Hulu, we will outline the troubleshooting steps for your help. That’s extremely crazy every time calling tech support with various technical issues. And so you must’ve gone exhausted troubleshooting your apps or shutting down your device, isn’t it?

Troubleshooting Error Codes of Hulu/ Hulu with Live TV

  • Check If Hulu Is Down,
  • Sing Out of Hulu from Devices to Sign In Again,
  • Delete Hulu App,
  • Re-Download Hulu App from the App Store to Log In Again,
  • Test Your Internet Download Speed from the Device Your Are Using That Must Be Atleast 6 Mbps for Hulu and 8 Mbps for Hulu with Live TV,
  • Disconnect Your WiFi Connection/ Smartphone from the Device You Are Using, Wait for One Minute To Reconnect Again,
  • Reboot Your WiFi Modem,
  • Update the Hulu App;

What Is Hulu Error Code 5003?

This error code shows up while streaming on Hulu and it indicates any problem with the video playback. The Hulu Error Code 5003 generally occurs with the following messages –

  • Playback Failure
  • Please Check Your Connection and Try Again
  • We’re Sorry, But There Was An Issue While Playing This Video

These are common reasons for this particular error code –

  • Outdated App: In some circumstances, the application might get outdated due to which the error code is being displayed. Significantly, the application is updated to the latest version to contain the server improvements and to offer smooth streaming experiences to users.
  • Internet Connection: If your internet connection is running slow or isn’t stable, Hulu Error Code 5003 might be triggered. Hulu needs the internet connection to be exactly stable and also need consistent streaming from the user’s end.
  • VPN: In case you are using VPN services to either cover-up or change your location, it might show up error codes, which aren’t available in various regions and the servers might also flag your internet connectivity as insecure if you are covering up your address.
  • Outdated Device: There are many devices on which Hulu can be streaming. In addition to the Hulu App, the device itself requires to be updated to the latest version, or else it might create incompatibles between the device and the Hulu App.

How To Quickly Fix Hulu Error Code 5003?

There are quick solutions to resolve the code errors –

Solution 1: Power Cycling Device

This is one of the best troubleshooting steps to resolve this particular code error. This requires the power cycling of all the devices including in the streaming process to prevent any corrupt cache. Here are simple steps to power cycling of all your devices –

  • Unplug The Power To Your Internet Router And Device On Which You Are Streaming Hulu,
  • Press And Hold The “Power” Button For Around 15 Seconds,
  • Plug Back Your Device And Wait For It to Power On,
  • Try To Stream And Check To Find If The Issue Has Been Resolved;

Solution 2: Updating Device Software

In case your software gets outdated, you might experience inappropriate issues with the app. Therefore, users are advised to check online for the method to update your appropriate console to the latest software offered by the developer. This will guide in clearing out any incompatibility problems with the application.

Solution 3: Manually Input DNS Address

Hulu Error Code 5003 may appear if you’ve any kind of connection problems with the server and so changing the DNS address might solve the problem. If you want to manually input DNS address, you are advised to check out the following steps –

For PlayStation 4:

  • Go To Settings > Network > View Connection
  • Copy Your IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address,
  • Select from LAN Cable or WiFi (Option You are Using Currently),
  • Choose “Custom” Option,
  • For The IP Address Select “Manual”, Now Type Your IP, Subnet, and Gateway That You Have Copied,
  • Use Google Public DNS When DNS Servers Are Unreachable (Primary DNS is and Secondary DNS is,
  • Select “Automatic” Option for MTU Setting,
  • Select “Do Not Use” The Proxy Server,
  • Now, Test Your Connection If It Is Ok or Not;

For Apple TV:

  • Go To Setting,
  • Network > Ethernet or WiFi > Configure DNS,
  • Select DNS To “Manual” And Enter or,
  • Retreat Apple TV After The Steps Are Completed;

Solution 4: Updating Application

The steps might vary as per the device that you are using to stream from Hulu. There are several methods to update the Hulu App for most of the streaming devices. Follow the tips for your device to update –

For Android TV:

  • Click “Home” Button On Your Remote,
  • Choose “Google Play Store” Under the “Apps” Option,
  • Click “Auto-Update Apps” And Then Select “Auto-Update Apps At Any Time”;

For Windows:

  • Go To The PlayStore Icon To Select The “Menu” Button In The Top Left Corner,
  • Click “My App And Games” Button To Choose The “Updates” Tab,
  • Click “Check for Updates” Button To Choose The “Updated” Button In Front of Hulu App To Start The Process of Updating,
  • Wait For The Updated To Be Downloaded And Installed,
  • Try To Stream And Check To Find If The Hulu Error Code 5003 Is Resolved;

For Apple TV:

  • Go To Setting And Click On “Apps”,
  • Choose “Automatically Update Apps” Button To Configure Apple TV To Update Apps On Its Own,
  • Click On It Again To Switch It Off After The App Has Been Updated;

That’s all!

Let’s assume the above-mentioned solutions will surely guide you to resolve the error code quickly. In order to explore more about Hulu Error Codes, you are recommended to visit its official website for the best help.

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