Steps To Get Rid Of Hulu Error Code 5005 – [ Complete Guideline ]

Hulu Error Code 5005 – Error Code 5005 is one of the common problems that many Hulu users are reporting recently.

Hulu Error Code 5005

Hulu Error Code 5005

In case you are getting this particular error code on your screen, you need to explore problem-solving steps to fix this issue in no time.

What Is Hulu?

Hulu is a video streaming service providing a range of video content, such as movies, short serials, and originals for its subscribers. Hulu has partnered with a wide range of entertainment companies like MGM, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures among others. This online video streaming service also joint ventures of Fox Entertainment, NBC Universal, and ABC. With multiple options right at the user’s fingertips, Hulu provides premium services across the United States of America.

How To Fix Error Code 5005 On Hulu?

Recently, many Hulu users experienced an error message when attempting to access their service through this online app. Hulu Error Code 5005 continues to appear on their screen.

So, what can you do about it now?

If you are often encountering this specific error code, you should make sure you get the latest information about Hulu’s current status. In case of slow services, you cannot expect much other than waiting for the maintenance is completed.

The easiest way to get all the latest information from Hulu is by following their Twitter Account. So, in case you are using their Hulu service, you must follow their Twitter account.

Hulu Error Code 5005 mainly caused due to user associated accounts, so there’s nothing much you can expect from the client-side. However, major users outlined several steps as useful to ensure your account is signed incorrectly.

You can simply check your Hulu Account on this page If there’s an alert on your official account, you need to continue with the instructions explained to watch Hulu once again.

What Are Best Solutions To Fix Error Code 5005 On Hulu?

Hulu users are reporting playback failure with Error Code 5005, mainly on PC and Xbox One. This particular error code message reads –

Connection Error
Your network disconnected during playback. Please check your internet connection and try again. For more troubleshooting information, visit
Error Code: 5005

Here are some major solutions to Hulu Error Code 5005

Fix 1: Common Workaround

Performing the following basic fixes that work in addressing most of the Hulu code errors –

  • Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Functioning Optimally As Per The Recommendations States In Hulu Help Center.
  • 8.0Mbps for Live Streams
  • 3.0Mbps for Streaming Hulu Library
  • 16.0Mbps for 4K Content
  • Close The Hulu App and Restart It Once Again On Android, Microsoft, and iOS,
  • Power Cycle Your Device and The Modem/ Router,
  • Switch The Internet Connectivity or Use A Wired Network,
  • Reinstall Hulu App,
  • Try To Stream Using A Different Device or Browser, If Hulu Works On Other Internet Browsers, Try Clearing The Cache And Cookies From The Browser;

Fix 2: Delete Cookies And Clear Cache

To clear cache and cookies on your smart device, you need to continue with the following steps –

  • Open The Internet Browser And Click On “Three Buttons” On The Top-Right Corner,
  • Go To “More Tools” And Then, “Clear Browsing Data”,
  • Select The “Time Range” To All-Time And Click On “Clear Data” Button To Start Clearing The Cookies And Cache That Have Corrupted;

Thus, you need to examine now if this particular code error still appears, and so move into the next step.

Fix 3: Check Your Hulu Account Status

Let’s expect you already aware of the fact of how to check Hulu Account Status. In case you are confused, you need to continue with the below-mentioned steps –

  • Go to Hulu Account Page.
  • If You Are Getting Any Type of Alert On The Account, You Need To Logout from Your Hulu Account Immediately,
  • Clear The Cookies from Your Web Browser,
  • Now, Click On “Cookies Browser” Options,
  • Log-in Again With Correct User ID And Password;

Fix 4: Verify Hulu Server Status

Ahead of exploring any other solutions, you must ensure that the problem isn’t beyond your control. You need always consider that Hulu has a long history of underlying server problems that lasted for many days.

Therefore, you need to check if Hulu is currently experiencing any kind of server-related problems. Start with DownDetector and Outage.Report to check of other users in your region is also encountering the same Hulu Error Code 5005.

In the examination above reveals severe problems but you want to double-check, you also need to visit Hulu’s Twitter Account for any news of an outage period. In case Hulu is presently managing with a server issue, you’ve nothing else to do other than wait for the issue to be resolve by their software engineers.

However, in case no one else is reporting this issue and you are experiencing this code error message on your computer, which’s probably you are managing with minor issues easily controlled with the below solutions.

Fix 5: Update Web Browser

If you are experiencing this code error on your personal computer and already confirmed that the issue isn’t widespread, chances are the problem is browser-related. The majority of users are experiencing this particular code error and confirmed resolved completely after updating their browser version to the latest build available.

This operation was confirmed to work on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. To accommodate both user bases here are steps how to update both browsers –

Update Google Chrome:

  • Open “Google Chrome” And Click On The “Action Button” In The Top-Right Corner,
  • Go To Help >> About Google Chrome,
  • Once You Reach This Point, Chrome Will Start Scanning To Examine If Latest Version Is Available,
  • You Will Be Asked To Install All-New Updates (If Available),
  • Now, You Need To “Relaunch” Google Chrome Browser;

Update Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open “Firefox” To Click On The “Action” Button From The Top-Right Corner,
  • Go To Help >> About Firefox
  • Click On “Restart” Button To Update Firefox (If A New Version Is Available) And Wait For The Process To Complete, Click “Yes” If You Want To Grant Administrative Privileges If UAC Prompted,
  • Now, Firefox Will Need To “Restart” After The Updates Are Installed;

Update Opera:

  • Open “Opera Browser” To Click On “Opera” Logo From Menu Options,
  • Select “Update & Recover” Option,
  • After Opera Update And Recovery Window Will Open, You Will Need To Start Checking For Updates,
  • Update Will Be Installed Automatically If Any Available;

Following the above-mentioned solutions, Hulu Error Code 5005 will surely be resolved. In case you are still receiving this particular error code, you need to contact its customer care support. Also, you must note that Error Code 5005 is related to individual Hulu Account and not any problem from the Main Hulu service.

Hopefully, you can simply resolve any code errors on Hulu now!

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