– JetBlue MasterCard Online – All those who are using cards must have heard of famed Barclays. Barclays is an international company that offers investments, financial services and well known for providing a collection of variety of credit cards.

The extensively used jet blue master card are non-other from Barclays. This multinational company has focused over mainly four businesses are these are Personal Banking, Investment Management, Wealth Management , Corporate Banking.

But this company is primarily known for offering the variety of cards to their customers. And from these cards one of the most popular cards offered by this Barclays Company is jet blue master card.

Among the jet blue cards there is a variety you can select one according to your preferences like Jet Blue World master card, Jet Blue Business card, Jet Blue World Elite master card and Jet Blue World Plus Elite master card. These entire cards can help their true members get points for free flights.

Pros and cons of the jet blue card

There are many advantages of the jet blue cards some of which are that members can earn inexhaustible miles and they will never get expired. There are no fees for transaction and they have point amalgamating feature. And no shutdown for dates on jet blue flights. A card that has advantages does not means that it does not comprise of any disadvantages.

Some disadvantages of this cards they are very few options for redemption, fees of about 3% on transfer of balance, and miles cannot be transferred for the flights with stopovers and the regular APR is high.

Different offers are offered by different cards of jet blue from Barclays but the card you choose does not matter because you will be only getting to enjoy these offers when you will activate your jet blue card.

Once you have got your card you have to activate your card and you can activate your card by visiting the official website And then you can also follow these steps if you need any kind of help during the activation process of your jet blue card:-

  • Open the official website of the Barclays jet blue using your web browser
  • The homepage of the website will open and you will need to scroll down to the bottom of that page and then click on the button “contact us” and a new page will open.
  • On that new page search for the credit card activation section and you will see a number contact on that number using your mobile phone.
  • Currently the number for credit card activation is 877-408-8866.
  • Otherwise you can also go for the official website
  • And after opening this you are required to sign in first to your Barclays account if you already a cardholder that can also be any other of card.
  • Sign in by entering your username and password in the specific field and then you can click on login.
  • If you have a new card then you should click on the option “activate my card now” which will come in the section of new card member.
  • During all this activation process of your jet blue card make sure to keep all your card details with your so to avoid any kind of mistakes during the activation process.
  • And after getting login follow the points or the procedure to make sure your card gets activated.

These were some simple steps that can help you during the activation process of your jet blue card from Barclays. If you were facing any issue during the activation or you did not know the process of activation.

As there are different types of card offered by jet blue they just not only differ in names but they also differ from the values and rewards they provide to their members.

  • Jet Blue World Master Card

They do not offer any kind of annual fees they also offer about 15000 points once you spend about $1000 in the first three months after receiving the card. They also provide you with the travel benefits and one can get about 50% discounts in the fights or any kind of purchases.

  • Jet Blue Plus World Elite Master card

This card need an annual fee of about $99 and then members can get up to 40000 points once you spend about $1000 in the first three month after receiving the card. The members of this card can also get up to 5000 points as a bonus every time they renew the card and pay the annual fee. Discount of about 50% can also be gained for any kind of flight purchases.

  • World Elite Master card

With this card members can get access to luxury hotels and resort that can include about 2000+ luxury resorts and hotel rooms with complementary breakfast at early check in for two. Members can also enjoy private jet, cruise lines, saving on, airfare, airport and many more services.

  • Jet Blue Rewards World Elite Master card

These card can include annual fee up to $40 and can give rewards of jet blue*4, 2* grocery and dinning and 1* anywhere. And on spending $500 with a companion one can get discount of $100. On the purchase of JetBlue Getaways Vacation Package get a credit of about $50.

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Jet blue Business Master card
this card is same as the Jet Blue Master card they provide 2*office supplies bonus instead of the groceries. The members can get up to 60000 points if they spend about $1000 during the first three month of sign in a new account and additional points of up to 10000 for adding the employee card in the first three months.

So, this was all about jet blue card from Barclays that you are required to know before buying any card of jet blue from Barclays and if you needed help for the activation process of your jet blue card hope this article would have helped you in the activation process of your jet blue card.

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