How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI3010 With Easy Steps?

Error Code UI3010 – In case you are encountering Netflix Error Code UI3010 on your personal computer, which usually points out information stored on your web browser that needs to be refreshed or any network-related problems.

Error Code UI3010

Error Code UI3010

Netflix is one of the most-renowned entertainment services that own millions of users worldwide. People enjoy watching this online entertainment platform to have fun or learn something unique. But many errors may appear while streaming online videos using Netflix, which is quite common and indicates problems within your internet connectivity.

However, you no need to get panic about this particular code error as problem-solving steps aren’t so complex. In order to get rid of this error code easily, you are requested to continue reading till the end. Below are some simple solutions, which will assist you to resolve the issue in no times.

So without any more waiting, let’s begin with –

What Is Netflix Error Code UI3010?

Netflix is undoubtedly the topmost and one of the most-popular online entertainment services. However, it never all take away the issue and glitches of using Netflix. Most users of Netflix often come across with the error message –

“There Was An Unexpected Error Please Reload The Page And Try Again – Error Code UI3010”.

This error code you will surely not wish to entertain always and such error even ruins your entertainment. Therefore, consider all the important factors we’ve come up with easy tips to help you solve errors by outlining some workable solutions. Also, if you are technically-challenged individuals, following these below-listed steps will help you get rid of Netflix Error Code UI3010.

Steps To Resolve Code Error UI310 In Netflix

These are some common steps users must implement prior to proceeding with workable solutions –

  • Switch Off Your Personal Computer And Network Equipment, Wait For Atleast 30 Seconds Before Powering The Back,
  • Improve The Capacity of Your WiFi Signals By Placing Your Device Close To Your Modem/ Router,
  • Remove Any Kind of Magnetic Interferences,
  • Try To Use Another Network As A Mobile Hotspot,
  • Examine The Stability And Reliability Of Your Internet Connectivity By Opening Another Online Streaming Services (YouTube),

To completely resolve video streaming error, you need to continue with the following solutions –

Fix 1: Update Your Browser Extensions

Browsers Extensions are used to increase greater operations of your browser. However, outdated browser extensions can create severe problems for users. The same could also cause this particular error code you are experiencing. And so, updating your extensions might solve the problem. Here’s how –

  • Launch “Google Chrome”,
  • Click On “Action” Menu To Choose “Settings”,
  • Select “Extensions” From The Left Side,
  • Now, Switch On The Toggle of “Developer Mode”,
  • Click On “Update” Button To Update All The Extensions,
  • Tick On “Exit” Button To Relaunch “Google Chrome” Once Again,
  • Finally, Open Netflix And Check If The Error Code Still Appears On Your PC;

Fix 2: Clear Your Browser Cache

If your browser cache is corrupted or acquires conflicting contents, then you’ve chances experiencing several code errors on Netflix. Thus, clearing your web browser cache may solve the issue in no time. And so, you need to continue with the process for Google Chrome –

  • Click On “Action” Button At The Top-Right,
  • Navigate To History To Choose “History” Option Again,
  • Select “Clear Browsing Data” Button,
  • Also, Navigate To “Advanced Tab” And Then Select “All Time” In The “Time Range” Dropdown Menu,
  • Now, Select Categories That You Want To Clear And Make Sure To Tick Atleast “Cached Images And Files” Option,
  • Then Click On “Clear Data” Option And Wait For A While,
  • After Clearing Your Browser Cache, You Need To Relaunch Google Chrome And Check If Netflix Is Working Right On Your PC;

Fix 3: Connect Device Directly To Modem

If your computer isn’t straight away connected with your modem, you might often encounter this particular code error. And so, if you want to get rid of the error messages, you need to continue with the under-mentioned steps –

  • Shut Down Your PC Completely,
  • Plug In Your PC Directly Into The Modem Under An Ethernet/ WiFi Cable,
  • Now, Remove Power From The Modem And Wait For Atleast 30 Seconds,
  • Connect To Power Again And Power Of Your PC To Check Is Netflix Is Currently Working Right;

In case your problem is still not resolved, you need to move to the next step for the best help.

Fix 4: Uninstall And Reinstall The Browser

A corrupted installation can cause this particular code error on Netflix. Thus, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the update version might assist you to resolve the problems. And so, you need to continue with the under-mentioned steps –

  • Sync All Your Data To Your Google Account And Close Google Chrome,
  • Press “Windows” + “S” Key To Enter “Control Panel” In The Given Space,
  • After The Result List Appears, Click On “Control Panel”,
  • Click On “Uninstall A Program” Under The Category “Programs”,
  • Then In The List of Installed Applications, Right-Click On “Google Chrome” And Then Select “Uninstall”,
  • Now, Users Need To Follow The Prompts On Their Screen To Complete The Uninstallation Process,
  • Restart Your System,
  • After Your System Has Powered On, You Need To “Download” The Latest Version of Google Chrome From The Official Portal,
  • Now, “Launch” The Downloaded File And Complete The “Installation” Process,
  • After Installation of Google Chrome Is Completed, You Need To Open Netflix To Check Is Code Error UI3010 Still Appears or Has Been Resolved;

Fix 5: Reset Your Network

Netflix Error Code UI3010 is mainly caused due to internet connection problems. The connection issue within your system and the official server of Netflix can result in customized changes. Also, the use of Proxy or VPN can cause the particular code error. Therefore, disabling the VPN/ Proxy and resetting your internet connection to default may solve this particular problem. Hence, you need to continue with the following steps –

  • Firstly, Disable Your VPN/ Proxy,
  • Click On “Windows” + “S” Button To Open The Search Box And Enter “Network Reset” In The Given Space,
  • Select “Network Reset” Option,
  • Click On “Reset Now” Button And Press “Ok” To Confirm,
  • Now, Reset Your PC Completely To Check Is Code Error UI3010 Still Appears;

Hopefully, you can resolve this particular code error yourself. If Netflix Error Code UI3010 still appears in your system, you need to contact with the customer care executives for the best help.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Guitar? – [ Complete Guideline ]

Error Code Guitar: Destiny 2 is popular for its irritating error codes indicating absolutely nothing. These code errors are extremely annoying, which is maybe the point.

Error Code Guitar

Error Code Guitar

Perhaps BUNGiE is attempting to make your smiles while you are raging about the fact you can’t play this gameplay. Today’s big problem for players is Error Code Guitar, but what you can do about it?

Error Code Guitar is a general networking error as per Bungie’s help page. There are so many players experiencing this error code, your best option is to go play something else over the internet. In case you are the only one getting this particular error, though, you may consider doing some troubleshooting on your part. How do you know if you are the only one getting the error code? You may attempt the checking BungieHelp on Twitter, or you may consider the DestintyTheGame subreddit and check what’s happening all around.

If the problem is on your part, consider checking other internet connections in your residence and check if you can get online. If you are playing on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, perhaps attempt other online video games, or check that those services are properly working. Should the problem persevere and if you are sure it is on your end, visit the Bungie Network Troubleshooting Guidelines for more assistance.

This particular error code shows up when there are plenty of items on the ground that aren’t picked up in an activity. The obvious solution is to make sure that these items are being collected from the ground in the activities where you are getting this error. The common items which might cause to this error or being left are –

  • Glimmer
  • Orbs of Light
  • Destination Material
  • Ammo (Special, Kinetic, Power)
  • Engrams (Legendary, Rare, Powerful)

This code error is a major problem during the final encounter of “Last Wish” as the server crashes showing the same error to all the players on it. The server gets crashed when encounter-specific leftover objects from the battle to reach a certain stop.

For some, the error code might appear again and again even after taking care of the above aspects. Solutions for such situations are as follows –

Solution 1: Restarting Destiny 2

The initial step you must attempt as simply restarting the gameplay can resolve the problem sometimes. However, restarting isn’t a sure shot solution but as it is the easiest, so it is worthy.

Here are steps for restarting this popular gameplay –

For PlayStation 4 User:

  • Click On The PlayStation Logo On The Controller To Pause Destiny 2, If You Are Still Playing The Game,
  • Select Destiny 2 From The Displayed Titles And Click On The “Options” Button To Stop Playing The Game,
  • Also, User Can Stop Playing The Game From In-Game Menu And Navigation To Options > Logout

For Xbox One User:

  • If Your Are Still Playing The Game, You Need To Pause It Using Xbox Logo Button The In The Game Controller,
  • Locate Destiny 2 That’s Position Below The Guide Panel In Right,
  • Choose The Gameplay To Click On “Start” Button And Choose To “Quit”
  • Restart The Game And Check If It Works Right;

Solution 2: Restart Your Console

This step is one of the best solutions for fixing almost all Xbox-related problems and error codes as well. This method is only applied to users while playing this popular gameplay in Xbox. Hence, you must ensure all of your games are synced online and backed up since this step may end up deleting them from your local memory. There are several methods to delete cache on Xbox One and reset your console completely, which include –

  • Click And Hold The Power Button At The Front Of Xbox Console Until It Completely Shuts Down,
  • Unplug The Power From The Back of Your Xbox,
  • Now, Plug-in The Power Back And Wait For The Light To Change Its Color From White To Orange,
  • Turn On The Xbox As You Would Do Normal And Check If Error Code Chicken Still Appears When You Have Again Started Destiny 2;

Alternative Option for Xbox One:

  • Navigate To “Settings” Option of Your Xbox One And Click On Network > Advanced Settings
  • Scroll Down To Alternate Mac Address Option And Select The “Clear” Button,

You Will Be Displayed With A Choice To Really Do This As Your Console Will Be Rebooted. Respond Affirmatively And Your Console Cache Should Be Cleared Now. Open Destiny 2 After Your Console Has Restarted And Check If The Error Code Still Appears In The Gameplay;

Solution 3: Clearing Steam Download Cache

If you are a steam user, removing the old download cache perform the similar way as removing the cache in your console. Hence, if you aren’t playing game on stream can surely skip this particular step. The simple steps to clear cache in steam are –

  • Click On Steam > Settings > Downloads
  • Select “Clear Download Cache” Button,
  • Click “Ok” To Confirm,

Once you’ve completed, you need to restart the game and examine if the error code still appears.

Solution 4: Hard Reset Your PlayStation

There is no option to clear the cache in PlayStation just like Xbox One. However, hard resetting the PlayStation 4 will perform the same activity. Therefore, resolve this particular code error is your PS4, continue will the below-mentioned steps –

  • Shut Down The PlayStation 4 Completely,
  • Eject The Power Cord From The Back And Allow The PS4 To Rest For Some Times Until All Processes Are Fully Shut Down,
  • Put Back The Power Cord To Its Place And Manually Start The PS4.
  • Now, Check Is The Code Error Still Appears While Playing Destiny 2;

Solution 5: Reinstalling Destiny 2

If none of the above-mentioned steps worked right in resolving the Destiny 2 Error Code Guitar, reinstalling the game will be your only option. That’s important to ascertain you are connected to the official server and the game’s progress is saved before reinstalling the game. This specific code error can be resolved by reinstalling because this error mainly appears out of corrupted files. Therefore, you need to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.

Let’s assume you’ve to resolve several code errors with the above-mentioned solutions. If your problem isn’t answered yet, you are advised to seek Bungie Twitter Help.

How To Quickly Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Chicken?

Error Code Chicken: Destiny 2 Error Code Chicken is an uncommon error code. However, since December 2019 and more recently after the introduction of Season of Arrivals, this particular error code appears more widespread. This specific error code is even considered as an older error and several proven resolves are present to get rid of this problem.

Error Code Chicken

Error Code Chicken

Bungie has reported that the Chicken Error Code is a connection drop between your internet connectivity and the gameplay server. These are explained as general sketches, which user everytime getting from the developer’s end for almost all error codes and not at all helpful to fix them. Hence, we’ve enlisted several fixes working right for users as reported by many people around the community forums.

This particular code error was reported under numerous users, especially when the gameplay server was down for maintenance. However, if you are still getting Error Code Chicken when the servers are working right, you need to consider several aspects as the problem lies elsewhere.

First, let us reply to the most-awaited question –

What Is Destiny 2 Chicken Error Code?

This is an uncommon error code, which occurs when you’ve misplaced your connection with game’s servers and makes playing the gameplay quite impossible. This online game is commonly played over the internet, and in case you aren’t capable to access your character’s info stored in the cloud-support, the copy of your game has been efficiently bricked. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play until the error code gets fixed.

There are no such obvious and clear steps to fix the Destiny 2 Error Code Chicken, and so we’ve explained some of the best solutions in this ongoing article. Thus, you are advised to continue reading till the end to get some quick fixes. Because resolving this particular code error is the only means to start playing the game again.

Simple Steps To Fix Destiny 2 Chicken Error Code

There is no short-cut to fix this code error issue but Bungie has recommended some useful measure users can adopt to improve the possibility of solving the problems. Hence, we’ve enlisted some fixes that worked right for most users but were not all involved in Bungie’s suggestions, and so you need to apply all of them until the code error gets resolved.

Solution 1: Switch To Wired Connections And Cease Bandwidth Exhaustive Works

The mobile hotspot connection or wifi server is the main culprit of most code errors appearing in this popular gameplay. That’s important to remain connected to the internet and the game’s server at all times as it is online gameplay. The mobile hotspot network usually possesses weak signals or other issues, which can interrupt the internet connection. Hence, you are always suggested to switch to wired connections to avoid errors within the game.

While playing this online shooter game, you need to stop all bandwidth-intensive works, which might interrupt internet speed for the game, such as sharing media, unloading, or video streaming. Also, console users need to stop the application that’s running in the background. After you’ve completed, make sure to check of Destiny 2 Chicken Error Code is fixed.

Solution 2: Try Reconnecting To The Gameplay’s Server

Destiny 2 is one of the commonly played shooter games and putting enough strain on the server can cause it to collapse. If more numbers of users log from one location at the same time it can result in varieties of code errors in Destiny 2, including Error Code Chicken. If you are attempting to reconnect to the server, you can usually notice that the problem has been fixed.

Also, you can apply an alternative way to resolve the issue. In case you are using virtual private networks, make sure you’ve connected to the gameplay from different server locations. Most users reported not experiencing the game over any private networks as isn’t quite enjoyable. If required, users may even search for updates.

Solution 3: Clearing Cache In Console

The console also stores cache similar to your internet browser, which involves games, or online media that helps the gameplay run speedy and effectively. In case your gaming media shows overwritten, corrupted, or code malfunction error, which can avert the game from establishing a perfect connection with the server, you must opt for removing the cache.

Here are easy steps to remove cache from your console –

  • Switch Off The Console.
  • Eject The Power Cord From The Console Once It Has Completely Shut Down,
  • Let Your Console Take Rest For 5 – 10 Minutes For All Operations To End And The Console Powers Completely Shut Down,
  • Put Down The Power Cords And Restart The Console,
  • Open Destiny 2 And Check If The Same Error Code Still Occurs;

Some users also reported that this particular code error appears when the user shuts down the gameplay without logging out. The above-mentioned steps even turn the console completely off and can fix any kind of code error of Destiny 2, if it appears due to shutting down the console without properly logging out of the gameplay

Solution 4: Clear Streaming Download Cache

If you are an online steam user, you need to remove the old unload cache that works similar to removing the cache in the console. Hence, users who aren’t interested to play the game on steam can skip this step. Here are methods to delete the download cache media in steam –

  • Click On Steam > Settings > Downloads
  • Click ‘Clear Download Cache’,
  • Click “Ok” To Confirm,

After you’ve completed, you need to restart the gameplay and examine if the code error still appears on your screen.

Solution 5: Restore Licenses for PlayStation 4 Users

In order to restore your computer’s internet connectivity, you need to follow the steps –

  • Go To Settings of Your PS4,
  • Click On PlayStation Network > Account Management > Restore License
  • Restart The PlayStation 4 And Check If Chicken Code Error Still Appears;

Solution 6: Reinstall Destiny 2

That’s important to reinstall the game regardless of the code errors, which sometimes help to fix the Chicken Error Code. Hence, you are advised to uninstall this online gameplay and reinstall it again and while playing you need to check if the code error still interrupts you playing.

Solution 7: Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If you’ve applied all the above-mentioned steps but error codes continue to appear, you are recommended to reach out to your internet service provider, who can actually resolve any kind of internet service issue.

Ok! Let’s hope that the above-mention solutions will surely assist you to play Destiny 2 without further interruption of error codes.

How To Fix Error Code Beet? – [ Complete Guideline ]

Error Code Beet: Destiny 2 Error Code Beet is an outcome of a general networking issue. If players are getting error codes or other categories repeatedly, troubleshooting the network for connection errors is suggested.

Error Code Beet

Error Code Beet

If such a problem appears again and again, considering clearing console cache, examining the hardware configuration, and ensure all drivers are updated.

General Fixes for Beet, Weasel, Chicken, and Baboon

These are general resolution with wider rangers of error for this gameplay but aren’t only limited to Beet, Chicken, Weasel, and Baboon –

  • Switch To A Wired Internet Connection, Like Ethernet Cable, Powerline, or MoCA. Using Mobile Hotspot or WiFi Can Be The Reason for Several Errors in Destiny or Destiny 2.
  • Cable Connections, DSL, and Fiber Will Provide The Best Gaming Experiences. Meanwhile, Internet Service Providers (ISP) Like Wireless, Satellite, and Cellular Are Less Reliable For Online Gaming.
  • If A Wired Internet Connectivity Isn’t An Option, You Must Consider The Below-Listed Points –
  • Try To Shift From 2.4GHz to 5GHz,
  • Change The Channel On Your Wireless Router To One That Is Least Used By Others,
  • Adjust The Antennae of Your Router,
  • Make Sure That The Router Is Placed Closer To The Console/ Personal Computer And Not Restricted By Wall or Other Obstacles That Can Easily Block The WiFi Signal,
  • Terminate Bandwidth Intensive Tasks Like YouTube, Netflix, Other Video Streaming Services, and File Transfer of Torrents.
  • Do Not Use Several Devices On The Same Network, Like Smartphones, Tablets, or Personal Computers While Playing Destiny 2.
  • Call The Internet Service Provider (ISP) For Help With The Destiny 2 Error Code Beet.
  • Make Certain That You Are Using The Latest Fireware and Hardware. Get In Touch With Your ISP And Ensure The Network Equipped With Cables, Modems, Switches, or Routers Are all Updated And Working All Right.
  • Change The NAT Kind (If Required).

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer shooter video game, which was developed by Bungie. This free-to-play online game was released in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny (2014) and its subsequent expansions. This popular gameplay is set in a “mythic science fiction” world, in which players are sharing a “shared-world” environment with elements of role-playing games. This particular gameplay is even categorized among player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) game kinds.

Now, let’s explain other efficient solutions to get rid of error codes while playing Destiny 2.

Steps To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Beet

In case your error code issue isn’t solved after the above-mentioned network troubleshooting, it seems quite a serious problem. Thankfully, you aren’t alone as many users are going with similar circumstances and need to outline solutions about various points. Therefore, we’ve chosen the most useful steps to find the right solution.

Step 1: Clear Cache On Console

The console stores cache similar to internet browsers, involving games, online info, and other sources, which helps the online games run at insane speed and more efficiently. And so, you no need to download the game sources at all times. However, gaming sources can sometimes be corrupted, overwritten, or some other code-related malfunctioning can occur, which will avert the game from establishing direct links with the server, load the game, maintain connectivity, or create other problems.

If you want to delete the cache files, you can easily remove the defective game codes stored in the console and permit the console to download new gaming files and store them indeed. These are easy steps to delete the cache from your console –

  • Shut Down The Console,
  • Eject The Power Cord From The Console After It Has Been Completely Shut Down,
  • Let The Console Rest for Atleast 5 Minutes For All Operations To Conclude And The Console Fully Powers Down,
  • Put Back The Power Cords And Restart The Console Normally,
  • Open The Game To Check Is Error Code Beet Still Prevails;

Step 2: Update Graphics Card Driver

This particular code error is related to the graphics card, and sometimes it can be a result of corrupted graphic card drivers or outdated drivers. In case you can qualify the min system needs, you need to update the graphic card drivers and other updates. To update Windows, you need to go to the ‘Windows Update Setting’ from the Control Panel.

Here are simple steps to update the graphics card driver –

  • Right-Click On My Computer or This PC To Select Properties > Click On Device Manager


  • Control Panel > System & Security > System > Click On Device Manager
  • Go To Display Adapter > Choose The Graphics Card To Right Click On It,
  • Press Update Driver And Follow The On-Screen Instructions To Update Your Graphics Cards;

Once updating the Windows and the Graphic Card Drivers, you must attempt to run the Destiny 2 to examine if the same error is still showing.

Step 3: Check If Your Computer Satisfies Minimum Requirements (For PC Users)

The most popular reason for this code error, especially among personal computer users who are encountering this kind of error repeatedly is the computer not satisfying the minimum system needed suggesting by the developer. In case your system not satisfying the minimum system requirements, it is time to upgrade your smart device. In most situations, this specific error code may cause due to less powerful GPU. Hence, users can efficiently eliminate the Destiny 2 Error Code Beet by replacing their GPU.

Step 4: Join Participating Friend

In case some code errors often appears when you are introducing private matches with groups of 12 players, make sure that you need support of pro players. This particular error will return you to the Orbit. Thus, you can rejoin private matches in progress by directly joining participating mates on their roster screen.

The above-mentioned are some of the best solutions to fix the Destiny 2 Error Codes at the earliest. Let’s hope that these simple steps have helped you to get rid of the errors in the gameplay and you’ve already started playing with much joy.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater? – [ Complete Guide ]

Error Code Anteater: Error Code Anteater generally comes with Error Code Bee. If you are an enthusiastic player of Destiny 2, you must’ve encountered one or more gameplay errors. One of the common problems is code anteater errors. However, managing so many errors can be difficult because there are no exclusives fixes.

Error Code Anteater

Error Code Anteater

Have you ever encountered with Destiny 2 Errors? If “yes”, continue reading this article, which will guide you to fix Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater. If you are getting the same errors again and again, you must read out the entire content for effective solutions. That’s very significant to understand the meaning of code anteater error.

Ok! Let’s answer one of the much-searched questions over the internet –

What Is Error Code Anteater?

This kind of error appears to users when there are interruptions between client and host connections, which may cause due to situations outside of the network. In most cases, code anteater error appears alongside error code bee. There are no repairing options provided by the official forum, and so users need to solve the errors individually.

Destiny 2 is online multiplayer shooting gameplay developed by Bungie. This free-to-play video game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Window. However, many users recently reported that they got the code anteater error while playing Destiny 2.

Now, let us explain how to fix the errors by using the below-mentioned solutions.

Popular Solutions To Resolve Error Code Anteater

  • Change Your Internet Service Providers

There are uncountable solutions to get rid of the error for the short term. However, many users coming up with the error code, which got resolved just by switching to another service provider. That’s not so easy to switch the internet service provider as it involves termination charges, installation fees, and various terms and conditions as well. Hence, you need to look for faster internet services to resolve the error code issue.

  • Switch To Wired Network or LAN

In case you are using mobile data or WiFi to connect the internet for playing Destiny 2, you are highly recommended to use wired internet. Thus, users who’ve switched to LAN connection have reported that Error Code Anteater disappeared after changing the connection.

If you’ve LAN cable, then you are recommended to do vice-versa of the above method. This indicates you need to use wireless internet connection and evaluate whether your issue is solved or not. In case the error continues then you are recommended to try other mentioned methods.

  • Directly Connect Console To The WiFi Router

The particular code error or other errors can be resolved by just having the right internet connection with your console and gameplay. This problem can be resolved by directly connecting your console to the router and averting any other medium in between the connection. To straightaway connect with your console, you need to maintain the appended steps –

  • From The Router Settings Page, Proceed from Home > Toolbox > Firewall,
  • Create A New Firewall Level Within Your Router Settings (Name It Destiny 2),
  • From Router Settings Page, Proceed From Home > Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing And Configuring The Following Set Up –
  • Enable UPnP,
  • Disable “Extended Security”,
  • Disable Any “Assigned Games & Applications” Settings;

Clear Cache

One of the proven solutions to resolve the code error is cleaning the cache. This method cannot only resolute this specific code error but any other issue you might come across with the game. However, it is just for users of Xbox, so generally, people playing on PlayStation or Personal Computer can skip through this solution.

Ahead of proceeding with the clear cache, you must ensure that the game is synced online and you’ve backed-up the game as most of the data will be deleted from your local system memory – the Xbox Memory. There are several ways to delete the cache from the Xbox and Reset the memory. These are two common means –

Manual Reset 

  • Press The Power Button On Your Xbox Until The System Completely Powers Down,
  • Remove The Power Cord From Your Xbox Situated At The Back. Frequently Press And Hold The Power Button On Your Xbox To Consume The Power. This Helps To Clear The Cache And Format The Xbox Memory,
  • Now, Connect The Power Cord And Wait for Xbox To Switch On And Wait Until The White Light Turns Orange,
  • Finally, Turn You Xbox On And Open Destiny 2 To Check If You Still Having Error Code Anteater;

Resetting Cache through Settings

  • Navigate To Xbox Settings > Network > Advanced Settings,
  • Go To Alternate Mac Address To Select Clear Option,
  • Xbox Will Ask The User If They Want To Continue, Give Your Command As Affirmative And Xbox Will Restart Clearing The Cache. After You Have Completed, Open Destiny 2 To Check If You Still Facing The Code Error of Anteater;

Reboot Your PlayStation

There are no options to clear the cache in PlayStation, like that of the Xbox. However, resetting the PlayStation required performing similar functions. The users of PlayStation try this method to resolve the code error –

  • Completely Shut Down The PlayStation,
  • Eject The Power Cord From The Back And Allow The PlayStation Sit For Some Times Until All Processes Are Shut Down Completely,
  • Put Back The Power Cord To Its Position And Restart The PlayStation To Check If Error Code Anteater Reappears;


  • Update Your Internet Components And Devices

There are numerous errors encountered by gamers in Destiny 2 that occur due to bad internet connectivity, which are caused by poor components and devices used to connect the internet. In case you’ve not changed the internet cable and other network equipment within years, you need to consider immediate replacement. That’s very significant to replace or update your internet components and equipment at regular intervals.

Therefore, if your internet component is over one year old, you are recommended to consider its replacement or necessary updates. Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you fix the code errors at the easiest.