How Can You Resolve Spotify Error Code 4? – [ Complete Guide ]

Spotify Error Code 4 – Spotify is an online music streaming service offering access to millions of content and songs to its subscribers. This online service is available on various platforms, such as – iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS.

Spotify Error Code 4

Spotify Error Code 4

There are open and paid versions of Spotify, which supporting ads and several extra options (without ads) respectively. This online service using is quite simple although situations when certain problems may appear.

If you are often using this online app, you may experience some code errors, including Code 3 and Code 53. This ongoing article will explain much information about other code errors appears, so continue reading till the end. Also, you may experience another common Spotify Error Code 4 and we will explain it in particulars today!

Error Code 4 is mainly caused because of incorrect internet connectivity settings, which includes proxy issues and DNS. In addition, software compatibility-related problems including incompatible firewall settings can cause this particular error. This common code core appears on the screen, which reads –

“Now Internet Connection Detected. Spotify Will Automatically Try To Reconnect When It Detects An Internet Connection (Error Code 4)”.

This common code error is quite annoying for Spotify users, as users are paying monthly subscription charges to listen to their favorite music. In the below guide, we’ve provided readers with a series of solutions worthy. Hopefully, one of these solutions will surely resolve your code errors on Spotify.

What Causes Spotify Error Code 4?

This particular code error is often caused by unstable internet connection settings, which can be easily resolved with the use of distinct DNS settings. Also, the Spotify Client has some internet connection settings, such as epoxy, with which you can easily solve the code error.

This code error can also cause out of the user’s antivirus tool, which sometimes blocks the Spotify Client from connecting to the internet. Also, you can include Spotify as an exclusion or alternative of the same service.

What Are Best Solutions To Fix Error Code 4 In Spotify?

These are some excellent solutions against several code errors appearing in Spotify –

Fix 1: Change Your DNS Settings

In many cases, error codes are caused because of DNS problems. This online app often cannot identify the server of internet service providers, which cannot reload the internet resources as expected. In order to fix this particular error code, you are advised to switch from your ISP’s to OpenDNS, Google DNS, or other bog DNS servers. The procedure of changing the DNS server on Mac and Windows are completely different.

In order to change DNS server, you need to continue with the following steps –

For Mac Users: –

  • Go To “System Preferences” And Click On “Network” Option,
  • Click On “Advanced” And Then “DNS” Options,
  • Select “+” Button To Replace Any Listed Address With or Add The Google IP Address At The Top of The List: For IPv4: and/ or
  • Click “OK” To Confirm,
  • Reboot Spotify App To Check Whether Error Code 4 Has Been Resolved;

For Windows Users: –

  • Right Click On “Network Icon” In The Taskbar,
  • Choose “Open Network And Sharing Center” Option,
  • Click On The Primary Network Connection (Ethernet/ WiFi) Under The Category “Connections”,
  • Press “Properties”, Then Double-Click On “Internet Protocol Version 4” (TCP/ IPv4), In Case You Are Using IPv6, You Need To Choose “Internet Protocol Version 6” (TCP/ IPv6) Instead,
  • Tick The Option of “Use The Following DNS Server Addresses” And Type The Following DNS Addresses – Alternate DNS Server: & Preferred DNS Server:,
  • Press “Ok” to Apply The Changes To Relaunch Spotify To Verify Whether Error Code 4 Is Fixed;

Fix 2: Change Firewall Settings To Resolve Error Code 4

This online app often cannot access the internet as it is restricted by your computer’s firewall settings. To permit Spotify in the firewall, you need to include Spotify to firewall exception list with the below-mentioned steps –

For Windows Users: –

  • Open “Windows Defender Security Center” From The Taskbar By Clicking The Shield Icon,
  • Press “Firewall And Network Protection” Option,
  • Click On “Allow An App or Feature Through Windows Firewall” Button,
  • Press “Change Settings” Button And Scroll Down To Find “Spotify.exe”, Tick The Checkbox If It’s Not Ticked Yet, If You Cannot Find Spotify App There, You Need To Click “Allow Other Apps” Button To Find It From “C:\ Users \ (Your Username)\ AppData \ Roaming\ Spotify Folder” And Add It To The Firewall Exception List,
  • Click On “Ok/ Apply” To Implement The Modifications;

For Mac Users: –

  • Navigate To “System Preferences” And Press “Security & Privacy” Option,
  • Choose “Firewall” Option And Click On Lock Icon At Bottom Left Corner, Now Type Your Administrator Password To Unlock It So That You Can Make changes To Firewall Settings,
  • Click On “Advanced” And Then “+” Button, You Will Be Directed To The “Applications” Folder Where You Can Choose Spotify App,
  • Click On “Add” Button To Allow Incoming Connections From Spotify On Mac,
  • Click “Ok” To Apply The Changes;

Thus, you need to check now where this particular code error has resolved or it still appears on your screen.

Fix 3: Add Spotify To Antivirus Software Exception List

The antivirus software on your computer could restrict the startup of Spotify by mistakes, including the NOD32 on Windows. So, if you are using NOD32 antivirus program and meet this particular error code when starting this app, you should attempt the following steps to include Spotify App to an exception list of NOD32 –

  • Open “ESET Smart Security” or “ESET NOD32 Antivirus” Option,
  • Activate “Advanced Setup” Window,
  • Now, Click On “Antivirus And Antispyware”, Then “Exclusions” Button And “Add” Option,
  • Browse “C:\ Users| (Your Username)\ AppData\ Roaming\ Spotify” And Find “Spotify.exe”, Click On “OK” Button To Save The Changes;

Fix 4: Change Proxy Settings

Many users recently reported that changing the proxy settings in the Spotify App has fixed the Error Code 4. To resolve this particular problem with proxy settings, follow the next steps –

  • Open The Official Spotify App,
  • Go to “Settings” Window,
  • Click On “Show Advanced Settings” Option,
  • Press “Auto Detect” In The Proxy Settings From The Drop Down Menu Choose “HTTP”,
  • Click On “Update Proxy” To Apply The Changes;

Fix 5: Reinstall Spotify App And Keep Backup of Your Playlists

If none of the above-mention solutions worked right, you need to uninstall the Spotify App and reinstall it once again to enjoy uninterrupted services. Before removing the app, you are advised to keep backups of the whole Spotify Music Library to remain secured in case of some unexpected situations. In case you’ve subscribed to Spotify Premium, you can simply backup all your previous playlists by downloading them offline.

However, if you are using open software, to backup your playlist offline, you need to seek the help of the TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader. That’s an advanced Spotify downloading system helping users to download and save songs as MP3 within Premium Spotify. This updated system will also support users to easily download and convert Spotify OGG Vorbis files to common MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and more.

This will also maintain standard quality audio as well as ID3 tags, such as – album, title, artwork, artist, genre, and track number. Thanks to this small software, with which users are expected to ultimately resolve Spotify Error Code

Let’s assume atleast of the above-mentioned solutions assisted you to resolve Error Code 4 in Spotify App. If you want to suggest any other solutions to get rid of error codes, please write to us in the comment section.

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