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www.fuelrewards.com – The Shell Fuel Card has been designed to help small as well as medium enterprises grow in profit. It is designed to help these enterprises to gain maximum fuel efficiency and also increase savings.

This card is especially popular in Singapore and its neighboring areas. Shell Fuel Card basically works like any other fuel card by providing a good number of discounts for every drop of fuel used.



However, what sets this card apart and makes it special is the fact that by using the Shell Fuel Card, you can manage your account, track expenses, and get full information about your fuel usage.

The Shell Fuel Card is mostly good for enterprises as it helps them to save money on unwanted fuel used. With this card, you can dodge transaction fees, interest-free credit, and can collect points on all the purchases you make on fuels. You will be able to protect this card from any sort of fraud as you can restrict this card to fuel or lube purchases. On top of this, you will also get an account manager whenever you are in need of one.

As soon as you receive your Shell Fuel Card, the most important step for you to follow is to activate this card. Once you activate your card successfully, only then can you reap its benefits. The activation process is pretty easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. This article will give you every detail about the Shell Fuel Card.

Activation process www.fuelrewards.com card activation

The Shell Fuel Card can be activated using the online platform. All you need is a good internet connection and a PC, laptop, or smartphone. You will have to open your browser and visit the official website.

Once you reach the official website, you will start the card activation process. Here, you need to give certain details like your card number, security number, and also some personal information. All this is extremely important for verification needs. Once your identity has been verified and your documents checked, your Shell Fuel Card will be activated. You will get a notification about the same shortly.

You need to activate your PIN as well. The procedure is very straightforward. You can get this from either Shell Service Station or Coles Express. You will be asked to choose a strong PIN initially and you will then have to enter it three times so that your Shell Fuel Card gets activated. Remember that your PIN has to be 4-6 digits long and only numerical.


In case you forget your PIN, it is easy for you to reset it. You can do this online or contact the customer care service at 13 16 18. You can ask the customer care representative to help you out.

Card Usage
The Shell Fuel Card is used pretty extensively all over Singapore. The drivers will not have to wander too far to fill fuel in their car. However, the number of networks that a driver can use will depend upon the type of Shell Fuel Card owned by him/her.

If you own Shell’s single-network Fuel Card, you will have access to all fill-up stations all around Singapore and almost all of them are open 24*7. The Shell’s single-network Fuel Card is best suited for small enterprises who need regular access to the fill-up places. The Shell Network is spread even in residential areas and hence, the Shell Fuel Card is best suited for these enterprises.

Application process

The Shell Fuel Card has a lot of benefits once it gets activated. It might seem that you are saving small amounts initially, but once you add everything up, you will realize that you are saving thousands.

You can check your account balance and also manage your account simply through the online platform. This will end up saving a lot of time for you and cut down your trips to the bank.

Once you raise an inquiry regarding the Shell Fuel Card, the card provider will contact you immediately. The representative will have to confirm all the details that you have given and also ask certain questions regarding the number of vehicles the company owns. After all your documents are verified and the correct card combination has been approved, you will have to complete the card application process. You can complete the process over the telephone or through an online medium. You will then receive your card shortly.

In order to use your Shell Fuel Card, you have to visit any Shell Fuel station with your vehicle and present your card as well as your points card. You can also record your mileage and then give your Shell Fuel Card to be swiped at the counter for payment. Once the payment has been done, you will have to swipe the receipt and your card will be given to you. The fuel will be filled and you are ready to go. This is how easily you can make use of your Shell Fuel Card.

The activation process for your Shell Fuel Card is very easy and you can do it within minutes. Make sure that you follow all the steps properly. In case you face some issue with the card activation procedure, feel free to contact the customer care service immediately.


Q1) Will I have to set a PIN to complete the activation process?

A1) Yes, it is very important for you to set a 4-6-digit PIN to complete your Shell Fuel Card activation process.

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Q2) Where can I use my Shell Fuel Card?

A2) You can use your Shell Fuel Card at any fill-up place all over Singapore. This card is pretty famous amongst small and medium scale enterprises and hence has a huge network.

Q3) Can I reset the PIN of the Shell Fuel Card?

A3) Yes, you can easily reset the PIN of your Shell Fuel Card. You can do so by either contacting the customer care service or by using the online platform and visiting the official website.

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