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www.lillysavingscard.com :- Our world is going through unprecedented times and in these tough times, everyone is suffering in some way or another. Everyone is coming out to help everyone. Last year Eli Lilly introduced its Lilly insulin value program which allowed people with commercial insurance to get most of Lilly’s insulin for $35. The best thing about Lilly’s insulin value program is along with commercial insurance, it also covers the uninsured.



Lilly launched this special program in response to rising covid cases. Which is taking a toll on people’s financial health. Under the aegis of this program, Lilly is providing a $35 co-pay card, which can be used to fill the monthly prescription of most of Lilly’s insulins. This co-pay card will help people who have taken a high deductible Insurance plan which cost them a fortune otherwise. Apart from that this program will be beneficial to uninsured and jobless people. Lilly insulin value program is now added to Lilly’s comprehensive suite of insulin affordability solutions. Along with most others, Lilly’s insulin also covers Humalog ® which is insulin Lispro injections 100units/ml. While there are certain other limitations and eligibility criteria which an individual must follow to avail of the benefits. We will discuss about it later in the article.


How to get a Lilly Saving card

According to the PR report released by Eli Lilly, the offer can be availed by calling their Diabetes solution centre at (833) 808-1234. The diabetes solution centre works Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Date Time. The Centre representative of Diabetes Solution Centre will guide people through the process of obtaining the copay card. Once obtained people can receive the card via email or US Mail. If you opt for the email option, you will receive it in your inbox within 24 hours. In case, you already have a Lilly Diabetes centres’ copay card of value more than $35, you don’t need to do anything. After the launching of this program, active co-pay cards have been reset to $35 co-pay. The representatives at the centre can also guide people to more affordable options such as free insulin plans for people with low or no income at all. These insulins are donated by Lilly corporation to non-profit organisations for use in these conditions. According to Mike Mason, the President of Lilly Diabetes, no one goes without their Lilly insulin in these tough times and we will take care of this. Apart from that, you can also get the $35 co-pay card online by visiting.

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Follow these simple steps to download the Lilly saving card.

  1. Go to Official Site www.lillysavingscard.com.
  2. Scroll down and choose between commercial insurance and the Cash payment option.
  3. Click on Download.
  4. Agree to both conditions and procedures.
  5. Your $35 Lilly savings card will be downloaded.


Eligibility for Lily Saving Card

The savings card mentions complete terms and conditions with the list of insulin covered under the Lilly insulin value program. However, I’m listing down some of the important terms and conditions here.

  1. You must be a current resident of the United States of America or Puerto Rico.
  2. You must be a patient or caregiver.
  3. You must be at least 18 years of age.

However, due to federal guidelines people in Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Part D are not eligible for this program. But they can also contact the Centre representative of Diabetes Solution Centre and can check if they are eligible for any other program. Due to a recent development, from January 2021, people enrolled in Medicare part D are now eligible for the program.

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Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company having business all over the world. Its head office is in Indianapolis, USA. The company was founded by an American chemist and civil war veteran Eli Lilly. He named the company after him. Lilly have www.lillysavingscard.com.


Information required for enrolling in the Lilly savings card

  1. Your basic contact information such as Date of Birth
  2. Information related to active prescription in any pharmacy
  3. Your Income, for deciding which level of assistance you qualify for.
  4. Insurance information www.lillysavingscard.com.
  5. Whether you are a US resident or not as the program is only available to US citizens.

Before moving further to FAQs related to Lilly savings cards let’s have brief info about the Eli Lilly company. Eli Lilly has a long history of producing medicine. They were first to mass-produce the Polio vaccine and genetically modified insulin.


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FAQs related to Lilly savings card

Q1. How to check the eligibility for Lilly savings card?

Ans: you can go to Eli Lilly’s official FAQs page and can check easily the eligibility criteria for the same. Which is https://www.lilly.com/news/stories/lilly-diabetes-solution-center-faq-what-to-expect-when-you-call.

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Q2. How will savings work at any pharmacy?

Ans:- You have to call Lilly’s Diabetes Solution Centre and get the co-pay card.

Q3. How much time does it take to deliver Lilly’s saving card?

Ans:- Usually it takes 24 hours to get the savings card to deliver to your inbox. You can also get it through US mail.

Q4. Which types of insulins are included in a $35 co-pay card?

Ans:- Almost all insulins of Lilly are included in the package including Insulin Lispro injection of 200 units/ml and 100 units/ml by the commercial name of Humalog®. The only insulin which is not included in the package is Humulin® R U500 which is human insulin injection. However, there is a separate co-pay card for Humulin® R U500 which allows patients to fill this prescription for $25. The only criteria for this are commercial insurance and patients can buy this from www.humulin.com.

Q5. Are there any financial limits associated with this plan?

Ans:- Yes, there is an annual cap of $7500 which Lilly will pay under this program. However, the amount is not a lifetime limit and can be adjusted according to medicine price and insurance cover.

Q6. Is the Lilly Insulin Value Program permanent?

Ans: Given the current health circumstances, the program will be running and Lilly isn’t planning to stop the support in the near future.

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