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www.paychekplusapply.com – With the Paycheck Plus Card, you will no longer have to wait to cash your check or get a check from someplace. Skip the need to pay to check cashing fees and save more with a Paycheck Plus Card.

You can also use this card to buy things from places that accept debit cards. This way you will not have to carry a lot of cash with you. This is the best card suiting all your needs at all times.



The Pay Check Plus Card will provide you with innumerable benefits in your day-to-day life. With this card, you can get heavy discounts on all your purchases and also experience ease in buying things. However, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a Pay Check Plus Card, you will have to activate it first.

The activation process related to this card is very simple and all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below. There are various ways using which you can activate your card. You can either use the online mode or activate your card using the phone. You will have to give certain card details and personal details while you activate your card. Make sure to keep all the information handy so that you don’t end up wasting a lot of time.

Online Activation

This is the most convenient process of activating your Paycheck Plus Card. All you need is a good internet connection and a PC, laptop, or smartphone to make use of this method of card activation. Follow the steps listed below if you wish to activate your card through an online platform.

1.Visit the official website to start with your card activation process
2.You will be directed to a page and you will see an option saying “Get Started”. Select this option.
3.You then have to enter your first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, and address. All this information is important for verification purposes.

4.As soon as you are done putting in your personal information, you will have to give in your card details. Enter your card number, CVV code, and card type.
5.After you complete all the above-mentioned steps, click on “Continue”.
6.You then have to click on “Activate Card” once you fill in your phone number.
7.As soon as you complete all the steps, you will get a notification informing you that your Paycheck Plus Card will soon be activated.

Although the steps mentioned above are simple to follow, there can be times when you get stuck somewhere. In such a case, you can always contact the customer care service and get your grievances addressed.

Activation via phone

If you don’t have access to the online platform or are more comfortable with the offline mode, you can always activate your Paycheck Plus Card through your phone. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate your card.

1.The first thing for you to do is contact the customer care service. You can simply dial 1-877-368-0006.
2.Once you get connected, you will have to inform the customer care representative that you want to activate your Paycheck Plus Card.
3.You then have to give your first name, middle name, date of birth, and address to the customer care representative.
4.You also need to mention your card details like the CVV code and card number. All this is important for identification purposes.
5.You will now have to give your phone number and then re-enter it as well.
6.Once you are successful in completing all the above-mentioned steps, you will get a notification regarding your card activation.

There can be times when you are unable to connect with the customer care service at one go. This is because the representatives have to look after many issues at one time. During such times, be calm and try again after a while. You will soon be connected and your issue will be resolved.


Using Paycheck Plus Card

You can use your Paycheck Plus Card at the ATM as well as to make purchases. If you are using your card at the ATM, you will have to insert the card in the slot machine and enter your PIN. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and collect the cash.

This card can also be used to make purchases. Most of the big retailers and merchants are flexible with accepting debit cards instead of cash. You can therefore use your PayCheck Plus card and skip carrying cash with you. You will also be benefited from huge discounts if you buy things using this card. Using your Paycheck Plus Card is this simple and hence, if you are willing to apply for one, then you can do so easily by visiting the official website and filling some forms.

The procedures mentioned above regarding the activation of your Paycheck Plus Card are very easy to follow. You will be able to activate your card within minutes and then reap all the benefits. If you do face any problem, be sure to contact the customer care service anytime.

In case you end up losing your card or if your card gets stolen, you will have to inform someone in power so that your Paycheck Plus Card can be blocked immediately. This will keep your money safe and protect you from any sort of fraud. Do not forget to activate your Paycheck Plus Card as soon as you receive it if you want to reap all the benefits properly.

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Q1) What are the ways in which I can activate my Paycheck Plus Card?

A1) You can activate your Paycheck Plus Card online or by calling on the customer care service.

Q2) Where can I use Paycheck Plus Card?

A2) You can use your Paycheck Plus Card for purchasing anything where a debit card is accepted and also enjoy the discounts that come with this card.

Q3) What to do if I lose my Paycheck Plus Card?

A3) If you end up losing your card, make sure to contact the customer care service and get your card blocked instantly.

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