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www.walmart.capitalone.com/activate – Capital one walmart is a master card that deals with excellent earnings possibilities while shopping with walmart. When it comes to cash backs one who is the member and has activated account can earn up to 5% of cash back by just online with walmart, and this cash back include pickups and delivery also other than just shopping online.

The capital one walmart rewards card arrives with no annual charge and there is no restriction on the reward that you can earn. Capital one walmart master card is a master card that can be used in almost all the places. Being master card so, it can be used in all the places where ever the master card is required or you can use a simple master card. And walmart capital one master card can help you gain rewards.


The capital one walmart rewards does not have a direct sign up bonus. But in its place, you will earn 5% cash back in walmart stores for the very first 12 months just after the activation of your capital one walmart master card takes place.

The members of capital one walmart can redeem their rewards or points as a statement or as per your interest a cheque can also be mailed to you. Those who have earned rewards can use these rewards to cap the price of any product that has been purchased earlier or they can also use their rewards to travel with the help of rewards account.

The value of reward is 1 cent for every single point and you are allowed to them in any promising way for you to use them. Capital one walmart has their main target towards people who are their regular shoppers because the value of card will only depend upon how much a person shops at walmart. The reward of 5% reward is an attractive offer which is rare to find with any other card available.

How to get a www.walmart.capitalone.com/activate

The interested people who want capital one walmart master card can apply directly by visiting the official website www.walmart.capitalone.com/activate.

Once you have applied for the walmart credit or debit card you get you get card delivered but now you need to activate your card because without activation of your card you won’t be getting any offers or any kind of rewards.

So if you are facing any problem during the activation of the capital one walmart master card or you do know how to activate your capital one walmart master card then, follow the simple steps that has been demonstrated below and you will be able to activate your card.

There are basically two methods using which you can activate your capital one walmart master card the first one is online process and the other one is mobile phone activation. But before you start the activation process for your capital one walmart card makes sure that you are enrolled with online banking.

How can we activate our www.walmart.capitalone.com/activate using mobile phone:-

  • To active your capital one walmart master card via phone all you need to is call on the number printed in your walmart capital one card.

If you are unable to find any costumer care services number printed in your card then-

  • You can also contact at 1-877-362-5952 so that your card can get activated.

Online method for activation of www.walmart.capitalone.com/activate:-

Although the activation process of walmart capital card thorough online process is a bit tricky but here are some steps you can follow carefully to active your account online.

First of all do visit the official website i.e. www.walmart.capitalone.com/activate.

Then create your account on capital one walmart by clicking on setup my account. But if your account is already made then ignore this step and simply login to your account.

Then enter your card no in the asked field.

Enter the security code of your card.

Add any Social Security Number according to you.

Correctly enter the date of birth in the correct form.

Click on the option “Find my account”.

 Lastly click on register or activate now option. And you are done with the activation process.

If you frequently use walmart store. This card is designed for you but this does not means that walmart capital one card do not have any disadvantages, there are many disadvantages of this card as the walmart rewards are for short term and it needs more credit than credits needed by any other card.

But regardless of these disadvantages this card has many pros such as it is accepted almost anywhere where master cards can be used. This card can be used in both the ways physically as well as virtually. This card is mostly preferred for travelling purpose because there are no boundaries on how you are using the earned points or rewards.

You cannot earn points or rewards in the form of cash so that you cannot add it to your bank account. But reasonably you can use these points for your future purchases so that you can get any kind of cash back, gift or and discount while you are purchasing any product or anything.

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You can boost your rewards by using this card every time you go for shopping or by paying most of the time using this capital one walmart card. You can also increase the points or reward of this card by preferring the online shopping mode over the one going to stores and buying things. Using walmart stores can help to maximise the coins rapidly as compared to any other way to increasing points.

So, if you are the one who don’t have the capital one walmart master card and want to apply for the one or you were facing any problem while activation of the capital one walmart master card then hopefully this content would have helped you. By following the steps told in this article you will be able to apply and activate your capital one walmart card.

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