How To Fix Wyze Error Code 90? – [ Complete Guideline ]

Wyze Error Code 90 – is related to the camera communication. This indicates your Wyze Camera cannot be reached by the streaming servers. Generally, you can solve this problem only by fixing the communication problem.

Wyze Error Code 90

Wyze Error Code 90

To resolve the Wyze Cam with error code 90, you must ensure that the camera and mobile phone have proper access to the Internet and the router’s firewall isn’t restricting the communication. This communication is very significant as the Wyze Cam servers are situated somewhere on the Internet. Also, you need to check the physical connections.

First, let’s answer the much-awaited question –

What Causes Error 90 On Wyze Cam?

Error 90 occurs due to a host of different reasons. This may occur because of poor network connection when your camera and handheld device aren’t able to efficiently connect. If you want to explore means to connect the Wyze Cam to WiFi connection, continue reading this article till the end. This troubleshooting guide will help you sort various network-related issues of Wyze Error Code 90. 

This error might even take place when your handled device isn’t compatible with the camera. And so, you might have to examine the firmware in your smart device and understand whether it is compatible with the camera.

Steps To Solve Wyze Cam With Error Code 90 

  1. Check Your Internet Connectivity

This particular error code is shown when your camera isn’t properly connected with the server. Thus, you must ensure that the internet is working right on the camera as well as the mobile phone. If required, examine the camera (back) LED to ensure it is flashing blue.

There are common indications of Wyze Cam LED status –

  • Flashing Yellow – The camera is ready to connect,
  • Solid Yellow – The Camera is powered and initiating,
  • Flashing Blue – The camera is connected and finishing the setup,
  • Flashing Yellow/ Blue – Connection in progress,
  • Solid Blue – The camera is working properly;

The camera LED flashing blue denotes that the connection was to the server is ‘OK’ and the setup is finishing. In this stage, you need to have access to the camera and watch the live footage using the Wyze App.

In addition to the fact that you can have access to the camera at this stage, the LED should become solid blue to denote that the camera is 100% operational.

  1. Check Physical Connectivity of Your Camera

Make sure that you are using the same USB cable that comes with the item. Also, you must ensure that the power cable is well-connected to the camera. That’s suggested to reset the camera to the factory default setting to ensure this isn’t interrupting the communication.

In some cases, Wyze Cam Error 90 occurs by wonky microSD cards. If the card hasn’t been properly inserted or the connectivity isn’t done right, error code is likely to show. To get rid of such problems, remove your microSD card and insert it back, make sure it is properly inserted in the right manner. Now, you need to power cycle the camera and then try again to see if the issue is resolved. That’s wise not to go for cheap microSD cards. Therefore, you must get something standard in quality.

  1. Check Your WiFi Router

The Wyze Cam connected to the WiFi router should have proper access to the Internet. The most common issues with the router are –

  • The WiFi Signal Isn’t Strong Enough.
  • The Router Firewall Is Blocking The Communication.
  • Barriers Are Restricting The WiFi Signal.
  • There Is Ample Interference In The WiFi Signal.

In case you’ve enough interference on the WiFi router the Wyze Cam could have a difficult time communicating with the signal and the internet, you can minimize the interference by shifting the router to different positions and also by changing channels it is already using. Also, you can even examine the channels 1, 6, and 11.

  1. Check Your Mobile Phone Communication

That’s important to examine your mobile phone communication, which will allow the smart device to access the camera through the internet by using the connectivity with your local router or 4G/ 3G signal. In case your mobile phone owing some connection-related issues, which might affect the communication with servers and the camera, so will screen will show off the error code 90.

One of the best methods to reduce the potential problems during the test is to connect the mobile phone to the internet using the same WiFi router with which the camera is connected. Therefore, you must consider examining this at times of troubleshooting.

  1. Update Your Camera

Update your phone apps and the camera is very important. Hence, maintain your camera aspect updated to the latest firmware. To do the required updates, go to “Update Fireware” under the category “Device Details” and make sure the camera is up-to-date. Meanwhile, updated the Wyze Cam App on your smartphone is mandatory.

  1. Reinstall Wyze Cam App

If required, you can re-install the Wyze Cam App to determine the connection with the servers and the camera is working right. Also, you can try using the same with another mobile phone. Now, restart the camera and wait for just one minute and power it back. If you consider it is important, reboot your smartphone as well. In some circumstances, power cycling (on/ off) can simply resolve the Wyze Error Code 90. 

  1. Ask For Suggestions

If you’ve appeared to solve the error code 90 issue but still cannot figure out what is happening, you can either visit its official page or ask your references for help. The official website is everytime there to resolve all your queries and you can probably get the best support from their team of qualified technicians.

The issue with the Wyze Error Code 90 is commonly related to the internet connection. Most of the time users can resolve the problem by following the instructions enlisted in this article. Therefore, make certain you’ve examined everything explained in the article before asking for help

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